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dietary fats

Macronutrient Cycling for Excellent Rates of Body Fat Loss with High Energy link

Scott, I am completely lost with nutrition to lose body fat for myself and my husband. Summer is here…help! I have tried all kinds of diets and they do not work for longer than a few weeks. My food choices are very healthy and I exercise often. ~ Kelly and Matt,...
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roasted chicken

Easy Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe link

No so many years ago it was common for families to raise poultry and even have a dairy cow, goats, and some pigs as well as a garden for produce. It was nothing for families to raise their own food. In today’s world, it might seem intimidating to roast a whole...
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The Benefits of Gelatin link

Wondering what gives some of your favorite jelly treats their texture? It’s most likely due to a type of protein derived from collagen — gelatin. Gelatin can be found in any part of an animal that provides us with amino acids — the building blocks of...
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