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chicken soup

Gut Healing Chicken ( but really Pork Sausage ) Soup For the Soul link

Aimee Wilson of OneFullPlate is the US Wellness Featured Chef for November 2017. Aimee shares this fabulous gut healing chicken soup recipe. Her Chicken + Pork Sausage soup is a wonderful remedy for the wintertime blues. Make enough of this to freeze so you can enjoy...
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Bone Broth Soup link

Bone Broth Soup Our grandmothers knew the healing power of broth. When a child was sick in their homes, the chicken soup went right into the pot to be heated and served. Lately, there is quite a buzz about this ancient nourishment from Sally Fallon Morell and Kaayla...
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Tallow vs lard

What Is the Difference Between Lard and Tallow? link

A lot of tallow and lard is sold out of the U.S. Wellness Meats barn, so to speak. And the number of people who have questions about tallow, or who use lard and tallow interchangeably, is so high that we’ve come here today to settle the debate between these two...
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