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Outsmart up to 10 pounds of Body Fat with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse

family vacation, fat loss, fat loss goals

Scott, I did not reach my fat loss goals during 2017 and want to earn great progress in 2018. I made a lot of bad food and alcohol choices over the holidays.  What nutrition approach do you suggest to lose body fat quickly without feeling hungry and tired all of the time?  ~ Nancy, Nashville TN



Nancy, the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse is perfectly timed for anyone who wants to lose body fat over the short and long term with high levels of energy.  Yes, a wild holiday season does a lot of damage to fat cells while sky rocketing fat storage hormones.  Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I put together the 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse to reverse these negative trends quickly so that the body can tap into a greater percentage of stored fat as fuel.



fat loss goals, body fat, fat cell cleanse



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Beat Back Stress With the Right Plans


The New Year is an extremely stressful time for many people as they consider many different “diet” options to support hefty fat loss goals.  Unfortunately many are drawn to fad diets which lack the scientific know how to earn great fat loss success.  It is very important to take action at the start of the New Year instead of putting off key decisions to a later date as time flies by with no progress or even worse more body fat accumulation.  Having high confidence in the nutrition, exercise and recovery approach is crucial for driving the consistency of execution necessary for excellent rates of body fat loss.


Our objectives include promoting quick fat loss success, teaching the body to use more stored fat as fuel, improving daily energy levels and keeping metabolism peaked to support ongoing fat loss success following the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse.


Where’s The Beef?


Sustainably raised, grass-fed protein, dietary fat and fiber sources are extremely important as food choices, combinations and the right timing teach the body to utilize a greater percentage of stored fat as fuel.  You mentioned concerns about hunger and poor energy which are common with low calorie plans.  A reduced caloric intake is very likely to burn out the metabolism after a few weeks which is one of the reasons why the typical crash diet at the New Year ends up causing more body fat accumulation later for unsuspecting consumers.


Grass fed steaks, ground beef, burgers, hot dogs and other choices keep our clients feeling very satisfied following meals. The high nutrient density of grass fed beef makes meals more beneficial compared to commercially raised beef choices.



family vacation, fat loss, fat loss goals



A vacation this Spring or Summer serves as an excellent source of motivation.  Having confidence in your training and nutrition plans will lead to better execution and drastically reduced stress.


High Calorie Day Benefits


A High Calorie Day is executed one day per week to spike metabolism in addition to other benefits.  The most challenging exercise session of the week should be performed on the high calorie day to take advantage of the increased food intake from organic sources.


Dietary Fat Loading Spikes Fat Burning


Increasing dietary fat intake and meal frequency on the High Calorie Day keeps fat burning going at excellent rates.  Dietary fat loading with grass fed beef, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts, avocados, and cage free eggs is very satisfying and great for social settings.  The increased dietary fat intake from sustainable sources drives up fat burning enzymes, provides strategic variety to prevent staleness and optimizes fat burning hormones.


Strategic Variety


Eating the same foods with similar macronutrient percentages as well as timing each day leads to staleness quickly.  The High Calorie Day uses three meals and a snack which contrasts strategically to the other days of the week.  Dietary fat loading on the High Calorie Day which can be a Saturday for example prevents the body from adapting to a nutrition plan which otherwise limits effectiveness.


New Year- New Choices


Insert new food choices into your nutrition plan to stop taste bud boredom!  Consider wild caught seafood, pasture raised lamb, bison, duck and more.  Eating the same food choices over and over can create food allergies, intolerances and irritations which can present as difficulty losing body fat, sluggishness, digestive distress, rashes and more.


Email for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Program to get 2018 off to a great start.  We can discuss your New Year Goals and Challenges 7 days per week.


AUTHOR: Scott Mendelson


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