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Ouch by the Ounce

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If you’re like most Americans these days, you’re not only feeling pain at the pump but also a big, fat stab in the wallet every time you buy groceries.

When talking about most healthier food products, if you mention the words “organic”, “grass-fed” or “sustainable”, one of the first things people think about is the cost, particularly if you enjoy meat. But are commercial meats, meat alternatives, and meatless Mondays truly less costly?

Real value, or real nice packaging?

Better quality is more costly- or is it? The hard facts about “clean food” and pricing are far less transparent than most people realize.

The ultimate return on investment when you choose to purchase and eat clean and sustainable nutrition is the most valuable thing any one of us will ever own — our health.

This fact is something we often neglect and becomes evident if you personally struggle with it or if you’ve spent any time with someone who is suffering from illness. They’ll likely tell you “I’d give anything to have my health back.” Sadly, we don’t often value something until it’s gone.

Money can’t buy health, but research has proven that spending your food dollars wisely can certainly help. Although no one can guarantee good health from eating the most nutritious diets, studies show time, and again, that if you eat well, you’ll likely live a healthier, longer life.

But what do you eat for the best nutritional value, and what is really worth paying for?

Does what you pay for pay you back?

When it comes to food labels, the USDA and the FDA do a lousy job. All-natural means nothing, literally nothing. It doesn’t mean that nothing is added, just that the product is what you’d expect it to be. For example, natural beef is just beef with nothing additional added that most people wouldn’t expect to find in beef, like pork or chicken. It has nothing to do with how the animal was raised or added water or flavorings, like salt. Look at those plump chicken “all natural breasts” closely, and you’ll see up to 14% of a salt solution added in many cases. Chicken breasts are tumbled with a “salt solution” in a processing plant to increase the product’s weight. Yep, that’s what’s happening. That’s why you get that weird white stuff in the pan when you fry some natural chicken breast and beef.

Grass-fed is another marketing tool. All cows start out grass-fed. 100% grass-fed (grass-fed AND grass-finished) is the only way you can ensure the animal has the highest nutrition and best fatty acid profile available in beef.

“No artificial ingredients” allows some companies to raise the price of a regular product with a fancy new label. Sugar, in many forms, isn’t considered artificial. Some plant-based additives, like methylcellulose, are also considered “natural”, as are some food colorings, and those ingredients don’t pack the best bang for the nutritional buck.

fake meat vs real meat ingredients

Is the price per ounce of meat alternatives the best value for your food dollar?  There are many promises on the pretty packages. The bad news is that not only do most of these alternatives contain harmful chemicals, but the average price per ounce of a meat alternative burger is also closing in on $1 per ounce, not per pound — per ounce.

“Burger” packages containing only two 4 oz patties cost nearly $7, that’s $14 for a pound of “burger meat”, that has far less nutrition than two juicy 6 oz patties of 100% grass-fed beef with zero chemicals or additives, at a lower cost to you, and the planet. When you fry up those savings you’ll get 1/3 more meat per patty, better nutrition, and real food that’s better for your health and better for the earth. At US Wellness Meats, our 100% grass-fed beef burgers are guaranteed to never contain chemicals, fillers, or additives- and are raised using regenerative agriculture practices.

US Wellness Meat cows enjoying their grass dinner among friends in their spacious field.
US Wellness Meat cows enjoying pasture grasses. 

The value of 100% Grass-fed meat from Us Wellness Meats

At US Wellness Meats, we concentrate on your health, animal health, and your budget. We know that ounce for ounce, when you buy our products, you’re getting the best nutrition available, and that’s more value for your food dollars. Sign up for our newsletter and receive invitations to our special sales to save even more! Our shipping is fast and easy, and customer service is available to help with any questions.

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