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Organ Meat—The Performance Powerhouse

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By: Josh Bryant


Organ meat should be one of the main instruments in your performance-based symphony!


In the 1940s, Weston Price set on a mission to examine the relationship between diet and health. When examining teeth, the sophisticated dental practices of Americans and Europeans showed the best teeth on the planet—-WRONG!  The Aborigines in Australia had the best teeth on the planet, and they also consumed the highest amount of organ meat per capita.


Since then, science has shown that dental health is a good indicator of overall health, from cardiovascular health to respiratory to possibly even arthritis.


Beyond general health benefits, grass-fed organ meats, particularly beef heart and liver, are rocket fuel for performance athletes. As an athlete, your goal might be to set a powerlifting world record or take a walk to the playground with your grandkids.  Regardless, let’s look at five ways consuming grass-fed beef heart and liver improves performance.


Beef Heart Creatine


Beef heart is the primary source for creatine in supplements! The proven benefits of creatine with strength and explosive power are scientifically irrefutable but creatine is far from a one-trick pony!  Other benefits include increased muscle hypertrophy, reduced fatigue, small increases in bone mineral density, protection against muscle damage, and may even help with depression along with a host of other benefits.  So, my recommendation to you is instead of buying creatine from the completely unregulated supplement industry, eat beef heart, it’s more enjoyable because its taste and texture is similar to a sirloin steak.


Beef Liver Minerals


Beef liver, on a gram for gram basis, is the most nutrient-dense food in the world! Selenium and zinc are both very important minerals for optimal testosterone levels. Additionally, a 2015 study in the Journal of Nutrition showed that maintaining optimal selenium levels can help keep you feeling better by improving mood and reducing the risk of depression.

Three ounces of beef liver deliver nearly half of the daily requirement of zinc for males and closer to 60 percent for females; additionally, selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant, is abundant in beef liver.

Iron is responsible for oxygen transportation throughout your body, immune support and metabolic health and is prevalent in beef liver.  Your grandmother was right, eat that liver!



organ meats, beef liver, organ meat



Beef Liver Vitamins


Beef liver is nature’s multi-vitamin because it contains a multitude of vitamins but an abundance of vitamin B12 and vitamin A.  Vitamin B12 helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA. While vitamin A is important for vision, it also synthesizes red blood cells and regulates genes.  Without enough vitamin A your immune system will weaken.

Three ounces of beef liver will provide more than the daily recommendation of vitamin B12 and vitamin A, making you feel and perform better.


Beef Heart Amino Acids


Beef heart is like steak in taste but with higher amount of protein, thiamine, folate, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, CoQ10 and several B vitamins. Beef heart is a great way to get in amino acids that may improve metabolism and compounds that assist in the production of collagen and elastin, aka things that make you look younger by combatting wrinkles and aging. This concoction of nutrients aids in muscle building, energy storage and increased stamina.



beef heart, organ meat



Beef heart Low Calorie


If you burn more calories than you consume, you will drop weight, and with adequate protein consumption, this can be done without sacrificing hard-earned muscle mass!  Nothing fits the bill better than beef heart.  One four once serving contains only 127 calories and 20 grams of protein!  So, eat your heart out with beef heart as you prepare to get into lean, mean, fighting shape!


Final Thoughts


Regardless of your goals, there is not a single person reading this that does not want to feel, perform and look better; no better place to start than with grass-fed beef heart and liver from US Wellness Meats.


Josh Bryant, pemmicanMeet The Author:

Along with ISSA certifications in fitness training, nutrition, and conditioning, Josh has been awarded the prestigious title of Master of Fitness Sciences (MFS). He was also recently named the ISSA Director of Applied Strength and Power Development. In addition to being certified by the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and by NASM as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Josh completed his Master’s degree in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention at California University of Pennsylvania. He is the co-author of the EliteFTS Best Selling eBook, Metroflex Gym Powerbuilding Basics.

As an athlete, he won many national and world titles in both powerlifting and strongman. At 22 years of age he was the youngest person in powerlifting history to bench press 600 pounds raw. He squatted 909 pounds in the USPF, officially bench-pressed 620 pounds raw, and officially deadlifted 810 pounds raw. In 2005, he won the Atlantis Strongest Man in America competition.