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Organ Meat Burger Recipe

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Recipe Author: Robert Sikes | Keto Savage

We’re pleased to have Robert Sikes as our US Wellness Meats Featured Chef for August 2019. Robert has followed Ketogenic principles in his diet as part of his fitness regimen. He is a competitive body builder, ketovangelist, coach, podcaster and chef. As an accomplished athlete, Robert helps others achieve their fitness goals through training and a primal diet.

Talk about a micronutrient powerhouse, this beauty takes the prize! This organ meat burger is made with homegrown lamb heart, ground venison from my hunt last year, grass-fed ground beef, beef bacon, and beef liver! This is your best bet for an easily tracked meal full of nutrients. It doesn’t have an off-putting organ meat taste at all either!


Organ Meat Burger


PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT: Robert Sikes | Keto Savage



  1. Grind all ingredients in a meat grinder
  2. Mix ingredients in a large bowl and add desired seasonings
  3. Form into 8 Oz patties
  4. Cook with desired method
  5. We used an airfryer on 390 degrees for 7 min per side
  6. A grill is preferred

Organ Burger Macros 8 OZ Patty

organ meat burger, macronutrients, macros, keto

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robert sikes, keto savage, august 2019 featured chef

Meet The Chef

Robert Sikes

Robert Sikes is a natural competitive body builder who coaches other aspiring athletes to achieve success with their training routine and diet. Robert embraced the high fat, low carb ketogenic diet to help build muscle, burn fat, and increase energy. His podcast and website, Keto Savage, allows him the opportunity to share important happenings in the keto community, new recipes from the Keto Kitchen, and the science behind his success.