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Mountain Metamorphosis with Kat James

We are pleased to announce Kat James’ 125th 5-Day Total Transformation® Program!

Kat James is a leptin pioneer, high-fat diet master, and bestselling author. She will be accepting a limited number of attendees to her spring 2023 Mountain Metamorphosis.

May 12-17th, in a stunning Whitefish, MT villa near Glacier National Park (photos of location, below). Ground transport to and from villa from FCA airport is included.

Kat James’ Total Transformation® Program, May 12-17th, Whitefish, MT

If you’re not yet familiar with the uniquely-transformative power and track-record of Kat James’ Program, which focuses on regaining function of the body’s “compass”—leptin sensitivity—please read about it and view transformation photos (James’ own, too), as well as both the 5-Day or online course features and pricing at this link.

Kat James’ recent interview on Unrestricted Truths/James Grundvig, on leptin and her Method (starts 17:07).

Total Transformation® is an immersive and life-changing, real-time, biological shift (and an oasis of sanity in these times). You’ll return home from the on-site experience in a different state. You’ll also regain your investment with dramatically increased productivity, unprecedented mental clarity, far less ongoing food and beverage costs, a transformed dental future (skin and bone, too), and likely, relief from much, if not all, unsatisfactory health trends, including those related to the “pandemic,” or its often devastating “solutions.” Quality of life changes (even in the very fit) are at a level few can imagine until they experience it.

Total Transformation® Location, May 12 (begins 5 PM EST) -17th (ends at noon), Whitefish, MT