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Meat Matters – Better Nutrition with 100% Grass-fed

steak filet mignon

You’re avoiding fried food and the drive-thru, you’re cutting back on alcohol, you’re eating, or at least drinking your vegetables, but you still feel fat and tired?

You think you just need more protein.  A steak, grill, and more meat. After all, the truly buff need meat. Surely this is the foundation of being healthy, the fittest of the ultra-fit — right?

Yes, but not if the meat you’re eating has the potential to harm you.

Since fire was invented, people have had an attitude about meat. Power, fun, fitness, and barbecue grills are uniquely connected, and it’s still true today. There are so many of us, men, and women alike, who love a juicy, big steak. Most of us associate eating more meat and less carbs with being buff, being healthy, and we are not entirely wrong!  (No offense intended to the many healthy vegans out there.)

The truth about meat is that meat can make us sick if the meat isn’t of good quality.

How Much Protein?

Men in their prime consume over 110 grams of protein a day, while women in the same age group eat an average of 75 grams. Keto and low-carb diets can easily increase that number. The question is, do you really know what goes into producing your meat?

cows outdoors grazing
Meat from US Wellness Meats is raised in the pasture!

Let’s talk about hormones and nutrition

Since most of us today are compassionate carnivores who still enjoy our steak and as meat lovers, we don’t want you to give up your favorite meals!  

You don’t have to stop eating meat to be healthy – quite the opposite!  You simply need to know what healthy, real meat is.

Better nutrition might surprise you. No added growth hormones in 100% grass-fed, grass-finished US Wellness meats.

Humans can be affected by consuming the hormones contained in producing most commercial meat products, and the effects can range from unwanted cell growth promotion to carcinogenic effects.

The production of most commercial meat relies heavily on utilizing growth hormones. Controlling an animal’s growth, the amount of food it requires, the amount of product they produce, as well as the amount of fat and muscle they develop is largely achieved with hormones. But not at US Wellness Meats.

Hormonal treatment can increase the meat’s value and reduce the cost of raising animals, but at what cost to your health? Grass-fed beef is a hallmark of nutritional beef and the right solution for the best body — for the rest of your life. The professionals at US Wellness Meats know that fitness and nutrition play a vital role in your health and well-being because they know meat.

Since 2000, US Wellness Meats has been serving up all-natural foods, farm-to-table, produced without added hormones, chemicals, or potential carcinogens. Naturally raised, pure grass-fed goodness. Take advantage of our Farm to Table Sample Packs, and you can be sure the meat you eat is of the highest quality, cost-effective, and best for the environment. You can start now and feel better about your nutrition because the meat you eat matters.


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