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Long Term Lean Body Habits

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“Scott, how do you suggest people keep body fat levels low following a very successful period of fat loss? I have lost a lot of body fat with your help as you know over the last 4 months. Now I want to focus on keeping my body fat levels low and my energy high.” — Monica

Yes, the correct strategies and a consistent effort is necessary to maintain hard earned body fat loss success. Let’s first understand what habits were put in place to create the great rates of body fat loss. In your case, Flexible Fasting, Daily organically raised protein consumption, Elimination of Refined foods, 3-weight training with 2-Fat Burning Interval Sessions per week and 8-hours of high quality sleep each night to name a few. Building a tolerance to carbohydrate is one key area where I focus with clients following a low carb system that has worked very well for body fat loss. The right fat loss approach not only increases the utilization of stored fat as fuel, but also optimizes the hormonal environment including insulin sensitivity. Big releases of insulin with meals, especially those that are high in refined carbohydrate has fueled a significant part of the American Obesity Epidemic.

Improve Carb Tolerance

You can improve your tolerance to carbohydrates so the right carb sources can be re-introduced into your nutrition plan while supporting even greater rates of body fat loss. A low carbohydrate intake for a few weeks with the 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse, five well executed exercise sessions per week and 8-hours of high quality of sleep are big drivers for optimizing insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the most powerful fat storage hormone and creates a rapid fat storage status quickly. Focusing the daily carbohydrate intake during the meal following exercise creates the ideal conditions for consumption when wanting to support great rates of fat burning. Remember that refined carbohydrates such as bread sends insulin levels through the roof while also being loaded with trans fats that screw up fat cell function. The types of carbohydrates consumed matter!

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Continued Focus on Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef creates great feelings of satisfaction from meals which prevents over eating and consumption of bad food choices. Grass fed steaks should be consumed on a daily basis to support a lean body, high daily energy and a great quality of life. High daily energy levels and a great quality of life build a mental status that makes it much easier to avoid bad food choice consumption.

A high frequency of exercise is very important for optimizing insulin sensitivity in addition to burning calories. I have seen the most success with client’s weight training three days per week and two days of rapid fat burning intervals. Each of these well executed sessions that are relatively short in nature have a big impact on metabolism, fat burning hormones, daily energy and quality of life. These same factors will help to reduce cravings for bad food choices while promoting much higher mental productivity throughout the day which is especially important for executives.

Social Exercise

Getting together with friends for a round of golf, beach volleyball game, tennis match or full court basketball is a great way to increase exercise frequency and the quality of social interactions. In general staying active helps clients maintain low levels of body fat and a high quality of life. The total amount of weekly exercise must be taken into account when planning recovery protocols to avoid over training. Email for your free copies of Permanent Lean Body Nutrition Habits and Day 22 Carb Load Special Reports. Contact 7 days per week to discuss your individual situation and goals.

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Scott Mendelson

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