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Loaded Carnivore Nachos Recipe

Loaded Carnivore Nachos

Recipe Author: Ethan Torgersen

June 2019 Featured Chef, Ethan Torgersen, shares this quick, zero-carb snack.

Everyone has those moments when they’re tempted to break out the chips and munch on not-so-healthy processed snacks. Instead of giving in to the temptation, try this delicious low carb alternative and pat yourself on the back for a win! Not only is this healthier, it’s also a great snack for those trying to stick to a Paleo or Keto diet.

USWM Shopping List: Original Pork Rinds, Ground Beef, Raw Cheddar, Organic Primal Palate Taco Seasoning

Loaded Carnivore Nachos

PHOTO CREDIT: Loaded Carnivore Nachos by Ethan Torgersen | Fit_and_Ketoned


Instructions For Loaded Carnivore Nachos

  1. Brown Ground Beef in a cast iron skillet. Season with Organic Taco Seasoning.
  2. Drain the beef and add pork rind nachos and beef back into the skillet.
  3. Next, top with spicy mayo and sour cream (here’s where you can add your own favorite ingredients such as onions, green peppers, jalapenos, etc). Add shredded cheddar to the top of the pile.
  4. Next, you’ll want put them under the broiler until the cheese melted and you’ve got yourself a great zero carb alternative!
ethan torgersen

Meet The Chef

Ethan Torgersen is an avid outdoor cook and real food enthusiast. To combat IBS and stomach issues, Ethan has embraced a low carb diet and healthy lifestyle focused on eating nutrient dense foods and exercise. Check out Ethan’s latest cooking adventures HERE.