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Livestream Cooking With Chef Jarrett Stieber

Chongqing Chicken, Chef Jarrett Stieber

We are pleased to announce this opportunity to cook with one of the rising young chefs in Atlanta, Georgia. Chef Jarrett Stieber is the Chef and Owner of Little Bear Restaurant in Atlanta and a “Rising Star Chef” Semi-Finalist. 

US Wellness is collaborating with Chefstreams to promote this livestream cooking event.

Chefstreams is a community of home cooking enthusiasts on a mission to create a more meaningful way to enhance our culinary skills and expand our recipe repertoire.

Chefstreams produces virtual cooking events with renowned restaurant chefs, hosted right from the chef’s home kitchen. It’s a unique opportunity to cook with the chef, learn some new cooking skills, and appreciate delicious food!

Livestream Cooking Event

Join Chef Jarrett Stieber for this virtual cooking event!

When: Sunday, 5/23
3pm pacific / 4pm mountain / 5pm central / 6pm eastern

Host: Jarrett Stieber, Chef/Owner of Little Bear Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia

Where: Livestreaming from Atlanta, GA right to your home

What’s On The Menu: 
Appetizer – Matzo Ball Everything Egg Drop Soup
Entree – Pastrami Chongqing Chicken

Get More Information & Tickets: Chef Jarrett Stieber Livestream Event
You’ll receive a detailed grocery list, step-by-step instructions, companion recipe book, and unlimited viewing access. Chef Stieber will also take questions live from attendees while he cooks and in an extended Q&A session following food prep.

US Wellness Shopping List: Pasture-Raised Chicken