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Lean Body Vacation Guide

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Scott, we have a few vacation trips scheduled between now and the end of September. How do I enjoy some desserts on vacation without gaining body fat? What can I do to accelerate fat burning now to get ready for the vacation trips?  ~ Richard and Sara

The Lean Body Vacation Guide that Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I assembled is full of strategies you can use to eat big time on vacation without gaining body fat. In Fact, if you play your cards right you can come home leaner than when you arrived on vacation by optimizing metabolism and lowering stress hormones. I would use the 4-Hour Fat Loss Power approach leading up to vacations to maximize rates of fat burning. 4-Hour Fat Loss Power involves a low carb intake, high organic protein/dietary fat and flexible fasting protocols to maximize fat burning.

Email for free copies of the 4-hour Fat Loss Power nutrition strategies and the Stubborn Fat Burning Special Report. Enjoying desserts with the meal following weight training creates the best metabolic and hormonal conditions to avoid body fat accumulation. The consumption of organic dietary fats and proteins just before the desserts helps to slow down digestion and limit the amount of desserts consumed naturally.

Flexible Fasting Benefits

I advised personalized training and nutrition program clients to use two primary meals daily when on vacation to create a longer fasted period. The length of the fasted period can range from 16 to 20 hours depending on the individual client situation and goals. Fasting does optimize many factors governing body fat loss which allows for larger meals during the eating window.

Timing is Everything

Consuming desserts during the meal following weight training is ideal as resistance training optimizes metabolism, fat burning hormones and further depletes muscle glycogen (stored carbohydrate within the muscles). Depleting muscle glycogen creates room for new carbohydrates from your desserts to flow into muscle bellies instead of converting into stored fat. You will want to weight train or perform fat burning intervals an hour or two before your meal followed by dessert. Consuming your desserts immediately following lunch or an early dinner is beneficial.

Our clients return home leaner following vacations due to reduced stress levels, high quality sleep, and increased activity even while eating big time!

Keep Billions of Fat Cells Clean and Pristine

Avoid all trans fats, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and items fried in corn oil. Search for an organic bakery to find what you need. Unfortunately canola and soy bean oil are within most packaged goods desserts since they are cheap ways to extend shelf life.

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Email for your free copies of the 4-Hour Fat Burning Power Nutrition Strategies and the Stubborn Fat Burning Special Report. Summer will be here before you know it! Are you ready for action? Improve your body composition, daily energy and quality of life with the correct nutrition and exercise strategies to fit your needs. We can discuss your challenges and suggested solutions 7 days per week.