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Last Blast of Summer Grilling Ideas

summer grilling

The summer season may be winding down, which means you may be squeezing in as many last minute summer activities as possible: backyard BBQs, beach days, entertaining, hikes, picnics in the park and road trips. Before you check all of these items off of your end of summer to do list, don’t forget to add grilling your favorite foods. Here are seven classic summertime foods to enjoy before the end of summer.

#1 All Beef Franks

The summer season would not be complete without a grilled all beef frank. Hotdogs are perfect for adults and children alike. If you want to get extra creative, grill up a variety of all beef franks and select sausages together to make an epic cookout party platter. Some classic summertime options include:

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#2 Chicken

Grilled chicken is an easy meat to grill up for the end of summer. Keep it simple with fresh black pepper and salt or give it a summertime twist with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprig of thyme. Add a BBQ sauce, homemade marinade or re-purpose any leftover summertime produce and make a homemade apricot or peach glaze for bite sized chicken wings.

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burger bar, summer grilling

#3 Grass-Fed Burgers

Backyard burgers are a quintessential part of the summer season. A great way to enjoy this summertime classic is by hosting a build your own burger bar party. Invite family, friends and neighbors or make it a potluck and have guests bring their favorite appetizers, side dishes and desserts for everyone to share. You can even get ahead of upcoming meals for the month and host a meal prep party.

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#4 Grass-Fed Steaks

Nothing says summer more than a grilled grass-fed steak. Whether you prefer a filet, NY strip steak, ribeye, tenderloin, T-Bone or sirloin, steaks are perfect for the summertime season. Pair with a fresh summertime salad complete with fresh summertime produce from the local community farmers markets like cucumbers and lemon zest. You can even whip up a homemade chimichurri sauce to spread over a grilled strip steak.

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cholesterol, red meat, depression, ketogenic, keto

#5 Pork Chops

Grilled pork chops are perfect for a summer Sunday family dinner. For the most evenly grilled pork chops, complete with char and grill marks, flip the pork chop frequently over a high heat for the first few minutes of cooking then finish cooking the pork chop on a lower heat to complete the process. Before serving, add a simple honey or maple glaze for a savory and sweet summertime dinner dish.

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#6 Ribs

Another delicious dinner idea before the end of summer is grilled ribs. Slather on your favorite BBQ sauce and grill up some summertime sides like grilled corn on the cob or vegetable kabobs. Don’t forget to grab an extra stack of napkins!

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wild-caught salmon, b vitamins

#7 Wild-Caught Seafood

The heat and humidity of the summer months leave many of us looking for lighter fare and an easy and delicious option is wild-caught seafood. Some scrumptious summertime seafood recipes include grilled salmon with a Meyer lemon relish, grilled oysters, grilled shrimp with fresh lime and oregano, jerk grilled lobsters, tuna fish tacos and swordfish skewers with salsa verde.

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The end of the summer season doesn’t mean summertime grilling has to end. Add these seven summertime foods to your end of summer wish list and enjoy the last blast (and bite) of summer.

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