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Las Vegas MMA Fight and Big Time Eating Without Gaining Body Fat

holiday eating, exercise

Scott, we have a lot of travel upcoming including two trips to Las Vegas before end of the year and are very concerned about gaining back body fat we fought so hard to lose this year.  What do you tell clients to do while traveling to stay on track?  How do they stay focused during November and December with Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas, and the New Year?  ~ Michelle and Tim

I was just in Las Vegas for the UFC 229 MMA Fight with a group of clients instructing personalized training and nutrition programs to fit their needs through the rest of the year and beyond.  Having the right strategies in place, commitment to achieving short term goals and an understanding of the challenges approaching are keys to success.  I have been working with clients for twenty years to not only transform body composition, but to also drive a high quality of life.  You can eat big time while traveling and during the holidays without gaining body fat especially in Sin City.

holiday eating

Finish the year strong with 2 cycles of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and Day 22 Carb Load for a total of 44 powerful fat burning days.  Get free copies by emailing  Fit in 3 Days of reward eating for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day for example while supporting body fat loss with our proven cheat meal strategies.

Finishing The Year Leaner Strategies:

  • Get rid of any remaining Halloween candy or other junk food in the house
  • Set Consistent times to exercise when energy levels are peaked
  • Stock up on Grass Fed Beef, sustainably raised Lamb, Bison and other organic foods
  • Do not put off success until the New Year due to fearing the holidays

Welcome to the most dangerous time of year for body fat accumulation, muscle wasting and low energy.  Cold weather, less sunlight, year-end deadlines, holidays and more contribute to major body composition problems.  Without the right strategies, most Americans will end up piling on 15 to 20 pounds of body fat during the last two months of the year.

Do Not Dig A Deeper Hole

I have had great success helping clients not only avoid the pitfalls of the last two months of the year, but also build momentum towards a successful start to the New Year.  Many people put off body transformation efforts until the New Year and end up digging a much bigger hole by justifying a steady stream of bad food choices and reduced exercise which is the perfect storm for body fat accumulation. Body fat storage momentum builds quickly and over a period of weeks terrible hormonal and metabolic trends are built which take a long time to reverse.  In other words no one can snap their fingers at the start of the New Year and burn body fat quickly if the wrong moves are made to end the year.

holiday eating

Chris Pratt from Jurassic world sat five feet from me and did not take me up on my invitation to workout with my clients at 9 am on Sunday morning.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Feasts

With that said you can enjoy yourself with our holiday eating strategies that will be released in the next issue on November 21 just in time for Thanksgiving.  Dr. Serrano and I have assembled these strategies to help clients eat a large volume of food on certain days including some sugar and carbohydrate without adding body fat.

Training Consistency

Motivation levels to exercise decrease dramatically when weather gets cold in particular which contributes to the poor mood that many use an excuse to medicate with refined foods.  Common sense makes us all aware of these challenges which should make us focus on training consistency.  Having a training plan that produces a high level of confidence in the end result and accomplishment when training is absolutely crucial during the last two months of the year.

holiday eating

During several conversations with clients over the weekend I explained that wild caught fish including sushi are a great choice while traveling.  Avoid mayo and fried ingredients which are sometimes included in sushi rolls.  I was able to order dinner in advance with the butler who was very happy to provide exactly what we wanted from the Wynn Las Vegas Resort Restaurants.

Consume Satisfying Meals

It is very hard to insulate yourself from a near constant stream of bad food choices while traveling and during the holidays.  Fill up on good food choices such as grass fed beef which contain the ideal ratios of dietary fats to promote a feeling of fullness and satisfaction from meals.  Large portions of green vegetables combined with grass fed butter and extra virgin olive oil are also very filling.

Finish the year strong.  Ask for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and Day 22 Carb Load Nutrition plan files including complete week of meal plans by emailing  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

scott mendelson, infinity fitnessMeet The Author: Scott Mendelson

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