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Kid Friendly Meat Pie Recipe

kids meat pie recipe

Recipe & Photos By Aimee Wilson |

“When it comes to feeding a toddler, meal acceptance is always different in our household. Although Liam is slowly learning that what we prepare IS what we’re eating (no longer short order cooking), we still have our constant struggles. Sometimes, he doesn’t feel good, isn’t “feeling” the menu, or is just in a grumpy mood. Although it’s frustrating, he is entitled to his feelings. But luckily, I’ve been able to figure out a few staple meals that I know this kid will inhale… least until he rotates onto the next.

I came across Alaena’s AIP calzone recipe on her site and decided to see if it would actually shake out in my kitchen. Using her calzone “wrapper” of Japanese sweet potato and inserting my own spin of my toddler approved contents, I created a super nutrient dense meal on hand for my little dumpling.” – Aimee Wilson

Our thanks to Aimee for sharing this delicious kids meat pie recipe. It’s tasty for tots or grown-ups. 

US Wellness Shopping List: Ground Bison, Beef, Elk, Lamb, or Turkey

Servings: 1 Adult or 3-4 littles


  • Alaena’s calzone wrapper (see her recipe)
  • 1/4 cup of USWM Ground Bison 
  • Dash of salt and pepper (omit pepper if AIP)
  • 1/4 cup or organic spinach sliced up
  • 1 oz of sheep’s milk cheese (omit if AIP)
  • Italian or herbs of choice

Photo by Aimee Wilson |


  1. Heat the oven to 415 degrees F;
  2. Portion out 3-4 servings of the calzone dough on top of a flat surface or parchment paper and flatten (like a tortilla);
  3. On one side of the calzone wrapper, equally portion out the bison, cheese, and spinach. The dash salt and pepper on each;
  4. Next, carefully peel over the other side of the wrapper so it covers the insides. The goal is to make it look like an empanada*
  5. After each meat pies are securely closed, place each meat pie on a sheet pan (I usually use parchment paper on my sheet pans, but if you’re out or running low, make sure you rub some olive oil on the bottom of your sheet pan before you place the pie down).
  6. Lastly, brush or drizzle some olive oil on top of each pie and sprinkle your herbs of choice;
  7. Bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pie and the strength of your oven.

See Aimee’s original kid friendly recipe at her One Full Plate blog.

aimee wilson

About The Author:

Aimee Wilson is a food, travel, and lifestyle blogger at Her focus is on simple, delicious, recipes with clean, healthy ingredients.