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Keto Schnitzel with Cranberry Sauce Recipe

keto schnitzel, recipe, boneless pork chops

We have always been inspired by cultural recipes. The recipes that bring a little bit of history to us in every bite. It is also a great way to connect with friends, learning of memories that have a special connection to these dishes. Our February 2023 Featured Chef Helen Hundertmark‘s German roots shine in one of her favorite cultural dishes, Schnitzel. 

Helen has adapted her version to suit her dietary needs. While a traditional schnitzel utilizes bread crumbs, she opts for a keto bread crumb alternative. Follow along with Helen’s delicious recipe below. 

keto schnitzel with crandberry sauce


Keto Schnitzel with Cranberry Sauce

Recipe By: Helen Hundertmark | Cureated

USWM Shopping List: Boneless Pork Chops or Tenderloin, Pork Lard


Cranberry Sauce

  • Cranberries(frozen or fresh both work)
  • Fresh lemon or lime to taste
  • Allulose to taste


  1. pound each piece of meat with a mallet until they are large and flat (see photo)
  2. crack eggs Into a flat bowl and beat them with salt and pepper
  3. pour breading into another shallow bowl
  4. bathe meat in egg mixture and then transfer it into the breadcrumbs, pressing down the meat into the crumbs and making sure that every part is covered. You may need to add more crumbs as you go, make sure you put enough on because once they are in the pan, you cannot add more (and you want a nice and crispy schnitzel )
  5. fry the schnitzel in a pan with heated up lard until each side is crispy brown (typically 10 minutes per side). Its important that you have enough lard in the pan to make sure the meat becomes crispy

My mom always adds the remainder of the egg to the pan at the very end, and as a child I would always steal the egg because it tasted so good, like Schnitzel.

Cranberry Sauce Instructions

Next, let the cranberries simmer until they pop on the stove on low heat. You may need to add water so that they don’t burn. Cranberries naturally contain pectin so you won’t need to add any thickeners but you can always add gelatin to help thicken it up! Once you have the desired consistency you can add lemon juice and sweetener until you get the taste you like. If you want a smooth spread, you can always purée it but I like chunks.

If you’re planning to enjoy this as a jam you could also experiment with adding spices like vanilla or cinnamon. 

Follow along with more of Helen’s recipes on the Discover Blog. 

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