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Keto Breaded Pork Chops In the Air Fryer Recipe

keto breaded pork chops, air fryer recipe, featured chef, samantha milner

One of the most popular kitchen gadgets recently has been the air fryer. We have to agree, it is quite the game changer. If you follow a ketogenic diet or love to work low-carb meals into your schedule, January Featured Chef Samantha Milner has a delicious Air Fryer Keto Breaded Pork Chop recipe for you to try.

An easy family friendly Keto recipe of breaded pork chops. Using leftover pork fat as the base for the keto breadcrumbs, this is a breaded pork chops air fryer recipe that has zero food waste.

One of our popular air fryer recipes here at is our air fryer breaded pork chops. We can see why everyone loves them so much. After all, what is there not to love about breading some cheap, yet tasty pork chops in breadcrumbs and then cooking them to crisp perfection in the air fryer????

But we also appreciate that we have a big low carb following. With general low carb, Whole30, Paleo and Keto followers, we wanted to offer a Plan B, that doesn’t involve buying expensive organic products in order to bread some pork chops.

Well this is it!

Our Keto Breaded Pork Chops involve first making our Keto Pork Rinds and then breading the pork chops in them before cooking them in the air fryer.

It is incredibly simple and you only have a couple of steps to do. It is in fact no harder to make Keto Breaded Pork Chops than regular breaded pork chops.

Firstly, you need your Keto Pork Rinds. You can follow our step by step recipe to make your own homemade Keto Pork Rinds, or alternatively you can purchase them from US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products – Visit us Online!.

What we did, was make the Keto Pork Rinds the day before, then left them in the fridge overnight before making our Keto Breaded Pork Chops in the air fryer for lunch the day after. You can your Keto Pork Chops on the same day.

Then when you’re ready to make your breaded pork chops in the air fryer, simply preheat your air fryer to 180c/360f and get your ingredients out.

keto breaded pork chops, air fryer recipe, featured chef, recipes
Recipe and Image: Samantha Milner | Recipe This

Keto Breaded Pork Chops In the Air Fryer

Recipe By: Samantha Milner, Recipe This

Prep Time: 2 min
Cook Time: 10 min
Total Time: 12 min

USWM Shopping List: Pork Chops, Pork Rinds, Pork Fat


Kitchen Gadgets: Air Fryer, Pastry Brush

Recipe Ingredients:

2 Pork Chops

2 Cups Pork Rinds

2 Tbsp Pork Fat

Salt & Pepper


  • Preheat the air fryer to 180c/360f.
  • Place your pork chops on a chopping board and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Brush pork fat over the pork chops to coat it enough so that the pork rinds stick to it.
  • Load them up with pork rinds and make sure they are well covered.
  • Cook for 10 minutes at 180c/360f in the air fryer.
  • I recommend that you avoid using the grill pan for the air fryer for this recipe. This is because keeping the pork chops low, avoids the mass amount of smoke that is generated from such a fatty dish.
  • I recommend that you buy Pork Rinds as it is cheaper than making your own homemade pork rinds. But if you have a lot of spare pork fat, then make your own. It just depends what meat you have in. Some Keto pork rinds come whole others are already blended ready for breadcrumbs.
  • If yours come whole just blend them in the blender or food processor. I used the fat from cooking my pork rinds as the binding force. This was just fat that would end up in the bin otherwise. You could also use duck fat or lard. But don’t use butter or olive oil as it doesn’t work.


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Samantha Milner

I’m Samantha and my husband, Dominic and I run the food blog

I have always been addicted to my food and love nearly all foods. I get excited about tomatoes on the vine, I binge on avocados, My favourite vegetable is broccoli and I couldn’t think of anything better to do on my evenings than watch movies and eat dark chocolate.

Dominic originally trained as a chef in a culinary school apprenticeship. He has worked in a variety of restaurants and catering establishments in the beautiful Yorkshire region of England for more than 10 years.