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Our friend Diana Rodgers is producing a new film, Kale vs Cow: The Case For Better Meat! Diana has had a passion for promoting healthy, sustainable food sources for over 15 years. Her efforts include the Sustainable Dish podcast and website, books, speaking engagements, and more! Now she’s taken on the task of putting together this important documentary film.


Support The Better Meat Effort


Please take this opportunity to help support these efforts. Read more about the film and donate to the cause. A portion of film proceeds will go to support real food nutrition, animal welfare and education about regenerative farming techniques.



More Better Meat


“We don’t need less meat, we need MORE BETTER MEAT!


When faced with the ethical, environmental and nutritional conundrums posed by meat, some of us assume that quitting it altogether is best. But a healthy, sustainable and conscientious food system can’t exist without animals.


If you’re as frustrated as I am with all the anti-meat media messages, if you’re sick of defending your position as a meat-eater, you’ll be glad to hear about a new film from Diana @sustainabledish.


The most crucial fundraising for this film will run through January 6th. Diana needs the support of our community to reach her goals! Your contribution sends a message that this film is wanted, valued, and will answer important questions. Plus, there are awesome incentives when you donate (and it’s tax deductible)!



kale vs cow


Know Your Food. Know Your Farmer


Do you know your food and where it comes from? The connection between solar energy, soil microbes, vibrant plants, and grazing animals is vitally important to nutritious food and the planet. Sustainably raised meats are nutrient dense containing more Omega-3’s, CLA, branch chain amino acids, and vitamins.


Please consider this opportunity to help spread the word! Thanks for being a loyal supporter of sustainably raised food.