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Is Cancer A Metabolic Disease?

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Dr. Al SearsMost doctors and researchers tell you cancer is all about gene mutations inside your cells. That’s why today’s cancer treatments involve gene therapies that target specific mutations.

But you don’t get cancer because there’s something “wrong” with your genes.

Cancer is a modern metabolic disease — a condition that arises from a problem with the ability of the mitochondria in your cells to turn fuel into energy.

Research shows that the genetic mutations that spur cancerous tumors come AFTER mitochondrial damage has occurred.1 That means genetic mutations are an effect of the cancer process, NOT the cause.

Let me explain.

Before the Industrial Revolution Cancer was Extremely Rare

Today, processed grains have displaced the primal parts of our diets. According to the World Health Organization, wheat, rice, and corn provide around 80% of the world’s calories.

Food companies love them. They’re great for profits. But our bodies weren’t designed to process large quantities of carbs. We evolved to burn fat and protein for fuel.

Every time you eat carbohydrates your pancreas releases insulin. Insulin carries the glucose from the carbs into your cells and mitochondria to produce energy.

But with the flood of cheap grains in your diet, your pancreas has to work overtime, producing more and more insulin. As a result, most people today suffer from chronically high insulin levels. And the more carbs you eat, the more the insulin receptors on your cells become overwhelmed, making them insulin resistant.

All that insulin becomes less effective at transporting glucose into your cells. In response, your pancreas produces even more insulin. It’s a condition I call Syndrome Zero.

At the same time, your blood sugar is skyrocketing and these chronically high insulin levels force your body to pack on the pounds. Even worse, it leaves you vulnerable to a host of chronic conditions, including cancer.

In a large Italian study, people with the highest insulin levels had a 62% higher risk of dying from cancer.2 These cancers include pancreatic, prostate, colon, and stomach cancers.

High insulin levels are also linked to a serious condition of low oxygen called hypoxia. And research links hypoxia to breast cancer, and other women’s cancers like endometrial cancer and tumors.3,4,5

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Studies show hypoxia:6

  • Leads to more malignant cancer cells
  • Increases genetic instability
  • Activates invasive cell growth
  • Leads to resistance to chemo and radiation treatments
  • Increases metastases

When your body becomes insulin rEsistant it boosts the activity of a transcription factor called hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α). HIF-1α leads to a condition of low oxygen in your blood cells.7

That’s bad news, because when oxygen drops inside your cells, your mitochondria are unable to produce energy.

As a result, your cells start creating fuel anaerobically, i.e. — without oxygen. To do this, they start to ferment sugar. But this is a very inefficient process and your cells never recover from the loss of energy.

This leads to the changes that make a cell cancerous.

Most doctors haven’t connected the dots between Syndrome Zero, low oxygen, your mitochondria, and cancer. But at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, I help my patients make sure their mitochondria are in prime condition and their bodies are fully oxygenated.

I also help my patients add more oxygen to their systems using ozone therapy. Ozone — a special “energized” kind of oxygen — can treat almost every condition, including cancer.

The air you breathe only has two oxygen molecules. That’s why it’s known as O2. But when you add an electrical charge, it forces three oxygen molecules together to form ozone or O3.

Once this supercharged oxygen gets into your bloodstream, it supercharges your immune system. It triggeRs the production of cytokines. These powerful molecules keep out dangerous invaders. It fights off disease.8 It can even destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

In fact, Ronald Reagan had a secret meeting in Germany to get ozone therapy for his cancer! And tens of thousands of doctors in Europe successfully use ozone therapy on millions of patients every day.

If you’re interested in ozone therapy, please call my staff at 561-784-7852 for more details.

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Harness the Power of Super-Charged Oxygen at Home

Although not as medically effective, there are several ways to harness the power of supercharged oxygen at home. Here are two easy ways to do it:

  1. Ozonated Water: Super-oxygenated water boosts your immune system. You can make your own ozone-infused drinking water with a machine. It’s called a “cold corona discharge ozone generator.” But be sure you drink it before the ozone breaks down into regular oxygen.
  2. Ozonated Magnesium: This combo is one of the best ways to clean out a clogged colon and soothe occasional constipation. The extra oxygen mOlecule dissolves the build-up of impacted material and kills off bad bacteria. The result is a relaxed, free-flowing gut. This formula is available online. Look for products that contain magnesium oxide.
Dr Al Sears, MD

To Your Good Health,

Dr. Al Sears

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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