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Integrated Approaches Create Rapid Fat Loss Conditions

glycogen levels

Scott, should thought be put into using a nutrition, weight training and cardio program that in some way work together when wanting to maximize body fat loss? ~ Sharon and Mark, Phoenix, AZ

Yes, absolutely you can force the body to use more stored fat as fuel efficiently with an integrated approach. You can create excellent fat burning conditions by depleting muscle glycogen which is stored carbohydrate that exists within the muscles. Depleted glycogen conditions will force the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel since the preferred energy source of glycogen is gone. A combination of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan, Cluster 6 Pause Weight Training, Rapid Fat Burning Interval Sprints and Afterburners take full advantage of glycogen depleted conditions to burn body fat like crazy.

glycogen levels

Email for free copies of the Afterburner, Rapid Fat Burning Interval, Cluster 6 Pause and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan files to support excellent rates of body fat loss through multiple proven pathways.

Redefining Cardio For Rapid Body Fat Loss

Steady state cardio alone will not get the job done, especially for women. Rapid Fat Burning Intervals with a variety of venues that are easy on the joints, followed by Afterburners will put you on the fast track to a lean body. Afterburners are short sessions done at 70% effort following a challenging interval sprint session. The conditions created by the interval sprints in the absence of glycogen makes the body burn fat like crazy during 10 minute Afterburner sessions.

Two Rapid Fat Burning Interval Sessions Per week followed immediately by Afterburners is the ideal frequency for most adults assuming the right recovery protocols are in place. I help clients choose venues that allow them to crank up the intensity for short periods while preventing pounding on their joints. Interval work can be done indoors or outdoors in all types of climates. Sunlight and fresh air are highly beneficial.

Highly Dense Weight Training to Deplete Glycogen

The Cluster 6 Pause Weight Training Transformation system is one of many systems that Dr. Serrano and I use to deplete glycogen, boost metabolism, burn a massive amount of calories, improve definition, surge functional strength, optimize fat burning hormones and more. The sets have a long duration, however the specific executions demonstrated within the Cluster 6 exercise videos require controlled form with every rep which can limit shearing forces on joints. The details including exercise selection, the number of sets, repetitions, rest periods, speed of reps and more are all very important. Rarely do I encounter people working on their own using weight training programs that are well designed for their specific needs.

glycogen levels

Email for your free copies of Cluster 6 Pause Body Transformation Training Program, Rapid Fat Burning Interval, Afterburner Program and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan so you can Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just three weeks. There is no better time than right now to implement effective strategies to drive your success. Let’s discuss solutions to your problems 7 days per week.

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scott mendelson

Scott Mendelson

Author of the 100% Fitness Solution eBook and Director of Infinity Fitness is a highly regarded performance nutrition and training specialist. In addition to designing customized programs for his celebrity, weekend warrior and executive clients, Scott works daily with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA. Scott has built an excellent reputation providing effective supplements, cutting-edge information and unmatched service to thousands of clients worldwide since 1999.

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