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Improving the First 30 Minutes of Your Day to Maximize Fat Burning and Daily Energy Levels

Big Steak

Scott We live in Tampa and do not feel “Beach Ready”.  My wife and I are 15 pounds of fat over where we need to be to really look great, but after months of hard work we are stuck.   We prefer to exercise together around 6 pm after work.  We are looking for a way to boost energy and fat burning by doing something in the morning.  I am concerned that a morning and evening session will take up too much time so what do you suggest?  Fat Loss Diet Advice?  Michael and Beth Tampa



Michael and Beth– 10 minute body weight exercise and interval sessions done first thing in the morning a few days per week will have a huge impact on fat burning hormones and daily energy.    I always suggest doing these morning sessions at home to save time and minimal equipment is needed.   Your 6 pm session on the same day would be a 30 to 40 minute weight training workout geared specifically to fat burning.  I would suggest increasing the variety of food in your diet from organic sources to improve energy levels and rates of fat burning.

I discuss the benefits of having the right fat burning nutrition strategies below as a part of the highly successful Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System.

Email for a free copy of the A60 plan including 7 days of sample menus.



Strategic Challenges for Body Weight and Interval Work Drive UP Fat Burning Hormones!!!

You will do very well with a 10 minute circuit of lunges, body weight squats and special hamstring work with special executions to add challenge without weight load.  Increasing strategic challenges while using short rest periods drive fat burning hormones through the roof.  On other days intervals using venues such as a bike, running, swimming, elliptical machine, jump rope and more provide endless fat burning opportunities.

Get Up and Get Moving to Activate Fat Burning and High Energy

On all other days of the week where a structured session is not planned, get up and get moving!  Take a walk around the block, do some chores and get the blood flowing.  This is great for improving daily energy and helping the body to wake up while destressing in many ways.  The general activity gets metabolism going and leads to better productivity during the day which result in more time to pursue hobbies.


Big Steak



Get More Organic Food Choice Variety to Improve Energy levels.

I reviewed your diet and while you are making good food choices, there is no clear strategy in place that is going to force the body to burn more stored fat as fuel. I would highly recommend using only organic protein and dietary fat sources to accelerate fat burning and daily energy.  You must include new options into your plan to avoid food allergies, irritations and intolerances that are lowering your rate of progress and energy levels.  I see that you like flank steak, how about trying some Ribeye, Filets, skirt steak and baked chicken wings for more variety?

Drive up Fat Burning Enzymes

The Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System includes several strategies proven to be highly effective for fat burning.  Changing up the food choices and as a result the macronutrient percentages will break metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes and naturally optimize fat burning hormones.  The strategies will make your nutrition plan much more enjoyable without being complicated.

Your Time is Valuable

Time is very valuable for many reasons which is why the morning sessions need to be short and your efficiency with the evening sessions will also need to improve based on the emails you sent me with your training plan details.  We are going to emphasize quality over quantity by strategically reducing rest periods among other proven strategies.

The number of morning and evening exercise sessions done per week depends on the capacity recover for each individual person which is why I would always suggest a gradual approach.  Following 6 weeks of three morning sessions with great success we may increase to four sessions for example.

Email for a free copy of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System file including 7 sample days of eating and multiple proven fat burning strategies that are easy to implement.  Let’s discuss your situation and goals 7 days per week.

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