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How to Spring Clean Your Body Through Food

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By: Ashley Martens

Say so long to winter because spring is right around the corner, which means you may be making a plan to spring clean. We spring clean our entire homes including our kitchen cabinets and pantries, but do we ever consider spring cleaning our bodies? The spring season is a time for a fresh start, so why not harness the new energy of spring and apply it to your health. Here are five ways to spring clean your body through food.

#1 Spring Clean Your Kitchen

When we spring clean our homes, don’t forget the kitchen. If you want to spring clean your body then you need to make sure your kitchen cabinets, pantry and refrigerator are well stocked with good for you food like fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and easy grab and go snacks like jerky. Be sure to toss any food that is past its peak or has expired.

healing leaky gut, fermented foods, spring clean

#2 Eat Detoxifying Foods

One of the best ways to spring clean your body is by eating detoxifying foods. Dark, leafy greens and a variety of vegetables are known to be particularly cleansing to the body. Produce like arugula, beet, bok choy, chard, dandelion, endive, kale, mustard greens, parsley and spinach are all on the list of detoxifying foods so stock up on these greens and make yourself a fresh springtime salad that will detoxify your entire system.

#3 Hydrate

No matter what the season, it’s always important to hydrate. However, one of the best ways to spring clean your body and cleanse your body’s system is by drinking more water. Not sure how much water you should be drinking daily? Take your body weight in pounds then divide it by two. The number you get is the amount of water (in fluid ounces) you should be drinking everyday. It’s important to keep in mind that if you workout and therefore sweat, you will need to hydrate even more.

Tip: If flavorless water is too boring for your tastebuds, add a splash of fresh fruit flavor like lemon, lime or orange. A refreshing combination is cucumber + lemon + mint.

#4 Keep It Light

During the colder winter months, we crave hearty comfort foods like savory soups, stews and slow cooked meals. Although these are all delicious dishes, the spring months and warmer weather beckons our bodies to enjoy lighter fare like fresh salads and handcrafted sandwiches. Elevate your cooking and switch your cooking methods from roasting to sauteing, steaming and even grilling. Need some culinary inspiration for the springtime? Host a meal prep party with family and friends.

bone broth

Bone broth and stocks from pasture raised poultry is loaded with gut-healthy nutrition!

#5 Shop Seasonally

During the winter months, you may have stocked up on warming foods like savory bone broth, but now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to swap those out for fresh springtime foods. Instead of eating dry foods like oatmeal, think of live foods that are green and light like asparagus, carrots, garlic, kale, radishes and zucchini. Not sure what foods are in season for spring? Check out your community’s local farmer’s market for the freshest springtime finds.

Tip: A squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice is a great way to add a fresh splash of citrus taste to any dish like chicken or wild caught seafood.

When you spring clean your home this year, don’t forget to spring clean your health by using these these five tips. Happy Spring Cleaning Everyone!

Meet The Author:

ashley martens

Ashley Martens is a Health and Wellness Writer based in Chicago, IL. With a background in digital marketing coupled with her knowledge of general nutrition and a lifelong passion for all things health, wellness, fitness and nutrition, Ashley offers a healthy alternative to traditional writing. You can learn more about Ashley and her writing over at her blog, Three to Five a Day.