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How to Attend the Modern Wellness Conference 2023

spokane, washington skyline

US Wellness Meats is a proud sponsor of the 2023 Modern Wellness Conference in Spokane, Washington. 

This event will feature guest speakers on a variety of health and wellness topics. You can attend live in person, or online via livestream.

The Modern Wellness Conference is a unique conference bringing experts together in a show-and-tell format to share their daily habits to achieve optimal health amidst our modern tech-driven world. You’ll receive step-by-step guides you can integrate into your daily routine right away.

2023 Modern Wellness Conference

Friday, September 29 – Saturday, September 30

Unity Church
29th & Bernard Streets
Spokane, WA

$50 (1-day Pass)
$80 (Whole Weekend Pass)
$80 (Streaming Pass for Whole Weekend)

Registration is open at or by calling Essential Energy Solutions at 833-723-336.

What to Expect

One attendee will receive a FREE Food Forest (Permaculture) Consultation live on stage during Day 2 of the conference. They’ll receive a design for their yard or homestead on how to grow over 50 edible species of food yea round and every one in attendance or watching online will see how the design comes together, what to consider when designing your own food forest, and how to get started. The conference will end with a panel discussion and live question and answer session.

The Modern Wellness Conference is unlike any other conference. Here you’ll learn easy steps to grow your own food (even if you live in an apartment or condo), understand how food is medicine, practice meaningful self-care, reduce exposure to, and protect yourself from, electromagnetic radiation, care for animals holistically without vaccines or drugs, and be introduced to how frequency medicine can help you achieve balance and health for yourself and loved ones right from home with-out expensive equipment.

Speakers include:

  • Jim Gale – Food Forest Abundance (Permaculture)
  • Will Winter, DVM – holistic veterinarian
  • Dr. Amanda Kerns – Integrated Balance and women’s wellness
  • Dr. Julia Stevens – Naturopathic Physician
  • Colleen Palmer – EMF survivor and EMF expert
  • John Arlotti – RestorePatch and Pure Bella Vita supplements
  • Dan Stachofsky – Essential Energy Solution

More than ever families are facing challenging questions on how to achieve healthy, vibrant lives. The western medical approach isn’t providing the solutions we need for the complexities of modern life. The constant pull of screens, social media and news has created a challenge for families to remain connected. Pandemics, cultural pressures and societal discord have led to epidemics of isolation and depression. Allergies to different foods and environmental toxins are at levels never before seen making food security and wellbeing harder to achieve. You’ll find answers at this year’s inaugural conference.