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Managing Leptin For Healthy Muscle Gain

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USWM is proud to have supported another of award-winning author, Kat James’ recent Total Transformation® Programs which have produced a parade of doctor-verified healings since 2000.

Most involve dramatic weight loss, such as the recent transformation of Britt McMartin, whose stunning before and after photos appear in this interview about James’ views on fasting in the new May issue of Better Nutrition magazine.


Leptin: Not Just For Weight Loss


But, as James explains, recovered function of the master hormone leptin—if carb intake is low enough, fat intake high enough, and protein kept moderate—will free up testosterone, improving muscle to fat ratios, and putting on needed weight in the underweight, independent of exercise.

In fact, along with countless other effects on the body, this leptin-focused strategy can also be a way to achieve healthy gains without the risks inherent to long-term excess protein, such as spiking insulin or increased cell replication.

In addition to increasing muscle definition whether you’re thin or overweight, proper leptin function generally increases bone mass.


Lectin, muscle to fat


More Unexpected Muscle Gains


Two cases in point include Bernard Richardson of Toronto, and Shianne Lombard, a season three trainer from the Biggest Loser, whose story of recovery from Cushing’s disease was featured in this newsletter a while back.

Both saw unprecedented personal muscle gains and fat loss with James’ regimen. Richardson’s trainer insisted he was taking steroids when his body fat hit single digits with half the gym time.

Emiel Spiessens of the Netherlands, who attended her Florida retreat last December gradually gained 30 lbs of pure muscle and bone, (see his own transformation, before and after, above), thicker hair, and improved virility, after years of struggling to put on any weight.

USWM is happy to be a part of these winning regimens.


leptin, venice, european transformation, muscle to fat


Kat James’ European Transformation Tour


If you’re ready to experience your own transformation, James has arranged for USWM customers to receive $50 off of her online curriculum, or an incredible $500 off of each 5-day leg of her Europe in Springtime Total Transformation®, until midnight, April 26th. Be sure to mention USWM when you email for further details at Or call 877-54-TOTAL