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“Honest Work” Music Video

cows outdoors grazing
Meat from US Wellness Meats is raised in pasture!

Video Highlights

Early mornings and late evenings are typical for small family farms. There is no lack of chores, whether fixing tractors or moving cattle from one pasture to another. This music video highlights clips of our founders, partner families, and our phenomenal work crew and facility in small-town USA. 


Thank You!

We at US Wellness Meats are grateful for your support of regenerative land management that results in healthy animals and flourishing soil biodiversity. We are blessed to feel purposed with honest work, from toiling the land to packing your orders to answering your phone calls. Kudos to YOU for your efforts in healthy living— keep up the sound, honest work! 


Honest Work Banner cows outdoors farms
Watch the music video for a peek into the honest work of US Wellness Meats!


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