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Homemade Pet Treats for Man’s Best Friend

Dog Receiving Treat

You may enjoy the finer things in life: A good glass of wine, a nice cut of grass-fed beef cooked to perfection on the grill, and refreshing wild-caught seafood, but what about the food you feed your best friend? That is right, we are talking about man’s best friend.

Like you and your family enjoy healthier, nutritious food options, pets should also. After all, they are a part of the family. (Sometimes, we like them even more than our actual family members).

While you are placing your next online order for your family’s favorites, stock up on a wide variety of raw pet food. Items like bones, ground meats, and parts can be used to create a healthy meal, snack, or treat for your furry friends. These pet food ingredients are made with 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, bison, and lamb. Plus, they are available in bulk if you have more than one dog running around your home.

While you and Fido anxiously wait for your order to be delivered, whip up some handcrafted pet treats for your favorite furry friends with these homemade pet treat recipes.

Homemade Pet Treat Recipes

Almond Butter Dog Treats

If you are all about almonds and love almond butter, then maybe your furry friend will, too. Almond butter is a safe nut butter for dogs to enjoy in small quantities, so if you have a bag of almonds in your kitchen cabinet or pantry, whip them up into a homemade batch of almond butter to make these homemade pet treats.

When baking up a batch of homemade dog treats that contain handcrafted nut butter that you are making yourself from scratch, stick to nuts like almonds, cashews, and peanuts, and always make sure there are no additional ingredients in the nuts themselves. Just plain, raw, and roasted.

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Cashew Butter Dog Treats

If you and your pet are crazy about cashew butter, in small quantities, of course, try these No-Bake Pumpkin Cashew Butter Dog Treats. Not only are they a no-bake recipe, which means no ovens are required to whip this up in no time, but they are super delicious. Plus, these bite-sized treats are loaded with nutrients. All you need is cashew butter, chia seeds, plant-based milk, pumpkin, and rolled oats.

A note on cashew butter: Raw cashews can contain toxins that are dangerous to dogs, so it is important to only use cashew butter that has been made with cooked or roasted cashews. Bottom line: Avoid raw cashews and opt for cooked or roasted ones instead.

Dog Donuts and Desserts

Are you celebrating a special occasion like a big birthday or a pet adoption anniversary? Do not buy your dog a birthday cake. Instead, whip up a plate of these Homemade Dog Donuts or spoil them with this Spoiled Dog Cake made with layers of fresh ingredients your dog will love. You could even make them the perfect pup cake with these Pupcake Dog Cupcakes, which are perfect for a birthday bash, complete with all of their dog park friends.

Fruit and Veggie Dog Treats

If you are trying to get your pets to eat better, find some simple yet sneaky ways to feed them more fruits and vegetables. Try these homemade Carrot and Almond Butter Dog Treats, Pumpkin Bites, or Sweet Potato Almond Butter Dog Biscuits.

Whether you have a bumper crop from your backyard garden, extras from the farmers market, or leftovers from the fridge, fruit and veggie-inspired dog treats are the perfect way to repurpose any extra produce that is just lying around the kitchen.

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Who does not love to lick the spoon after they have dipped it into a jar of peanut butter? Unless you have a peanut allergy, you probably love it and so does your pet, so why not give them a homemade treat they will love using one of their favorite ingredients – peanut butter?

Check out some super cute and fun peanut butter-inspired dog treats you and the kiddos can make at home, like these Easy Homemade Dog Treats or these Peanut Butter Dog Treats. Still trying to decide? Here are six more peanut butter recipes your pet will enjoy.

Homemade Pet Treats

Skip the store-bought pet food, snacks, and treats instead of placing a convenient and easy online order. While you wait for your delivery, whip up one or all of these homemade pet treats and show your favorite furry friend all of the love they give you by baking them the best-handcrafted pet treats they will enjoy.


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