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High Calorie Days Surge Fat Burning Metabolism

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Scott, I feel like my metabolism is sluggish. I have been eating the same number of calories each day using only organic foods and my fat loss progress has completely stalled. The calories were set with an equation online based on my body weight, age, and activity levels. My 30 year old son is also having the same problems using the same system and I know he is making good food choices as I do all the cooking! What can we do to lose fat faster while having high energy? ~ Brenda

Brenda, you can double your rate of body fat loss by incorporating a High Calorie Day one time per week. This is based on years of experience helping clients in the same situation. Eating roughly the same number of calories every day of the week stalls out the metabolism quickly. A High Calorie Day one time per week with excellent food choices such as grass fed beef will surge fat burning metabolism. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I included a High Calorie Day each week within the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan to prevent the difficulties you are facing now.

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Macronutrient Cycling For Faster Fat Loss

Strategic changes to the amount of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrates are also made on the High Calorie Day to accelerate fat loss progress. Macronutrient cycling breaks metabolic staleness, increases fat burning enzymes and naturally optimizes fat burning hormones. Clients use the High Calorie Day to increase dietary fat intake from organic sources by changing up food choices to contrast with the other days of the week which makes hitting macro target estimates very easy.

High Calorie Day Food Choices

Feature organically raised protein choices with a naturally higher dietary fat content on the High Calorie Day. Choices such as lamb, ribeye steaks and ground beef are ideal. Include large portions of green vegetables at each meal covered with grass fed butter and spices. Additional dietary fat choices include avocado, extra virgin olive oil and raw nuts. Eat until you are satisfied on the High Calorie Days.

high calorie day

High Activity Levels

It is ideal to weight train on the High Calorie Day to activate fat burning from many perspectives by priming the muscles to take up the extra nutrients made available. This should be the toughest weight training session of the week which is typically lower body for those with well-designed programs geared specifically to body fat loss. The additional food intake on the High Calorie Day helps tremendously with performance, recovery and ultimately body fat loss.

Extra Fat Burning Activity

Playing some basketball, tennis, golf or other social sporting activity fits very well on the high calorie day for clients. A fat burning sprint interval session can be performed on this day as well, but should be at least 4 hours after the weight training workout which can be done during the morning or early afternoon for example.

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