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High Calorie Days Spike Rates of Fat Burning

meal frequency

Scott, should I eat the same amount of food each day when trying to lose body fat? My progress is slower than the previous month, but I have not made any changes. I really need to improve my energy as working at home is so boring. I also want to go to the beach in July when things open back up all over. ~ Chuck, Nashville

Chuck, at least one day per week the nutrition plan must change strategically to create excellent rates of fat burning and high energy levels. The High Calorie Day Strategy which makes use of organic dietary fats and proteins is a powerful macronutrient cycling protocol with many benefits. Many days in a row of reduced food intake will negatively impact daily energy levels which can make even simple work tasks much harder than normal. The right strategies must be in place in order for you to lose a significant amount of body fat.

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Dietary Fat Loading

Increasing fat burning enzymes by consuming more organically raised fats on the high calorie day is an important mechanism for fat burning. Increasing caloric intake is only helpful when the right food choices, combinations and amounts are implemented. Go for grass fed beef, organically raised pork including bacon and other organically raised animals for saturated fat choices. Monounsaturated fats including extra virgin olive oil, avocados and raw nuts are also very important on the High Calorie Day.

Improve Daily Energy

A high calorie day done once per week as part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan has a huge impact on daily energy as well as exercise performance. The most challenging training session of the week should be done on the High Calorie Day.

Increased Meal Frequency

Having three meals on the High Calorie Day shortens the length of a fasted window while providing a strategic contrast to the other days of the week. Fasting for the same length of time each day is a mistake as the body will get stale.

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