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Healthy Food Delivered To Your Door: Why Order Minimums?

USWM grass-fed beef

USWM is in the business of providing nutrient rich food delivered right to your door. Whether it’s 100% grassfed, grass finished beef, lamb, bison, or dairy, wild-caught seafood, heritage pork, or free range poultry, you can rest assured it’s from farmers who share a commitment to sustainable farming methods. You receive the best quality products available.

We received many questions and comments about our order requirements.  We currently have a seven pound and $75.00 order minimum.  Shipping is always free and there is a $9.50 handling fee on every order, regardless of size.


First – we want to make sure every order is still frozen solid upon delivery.  Nobody wants to receive a box of thawed meat; therefore, we had to have some sort of weight minimum in place.  We have found that very light orders are the most prone to thawing, regardless of the amount of gel or dry ice in the cooler.  Seven pounds seems to be the magic number – anything less than that seriously increases the risk of thawing during transit, so that is why we have a weight minimum.  The more weight in the box, the better everything stays frozen.

Second – we like free shipping.  When we order online from various sites, one of the most depressing feelings is thinking we have found a great deal, then we get to the final screen and find ourselves hit with an astronomical shipping charge.  We didn’t want to do that to our customers.  So, our shipping costs are built into the price of our products.  We don’t charge anything extra for shipping, even to Alaska and Hawaii.

Third – since we have built the price of shipping into our products, we have to make sure we are not losing money along the way.  We have a great relationship with FedEx, and the more weight in the box, the more economical it is for us to ship.  Not only are light orders more prone to thawing, they are also much more expensive for us to ship – especially since many of our shipments arrive via overnight service.


USWM grass-fed beef


But why a handling fee?

Every order incurs a one-time per order handling fee of $9.50. This amount helps offset the handling fee charged by our packing crew to prepare each box for shipping, the cost of the shipping cooler and all packing materials.  Our company does not make a penny on the handling fee (it actually costs us more than what we charge you).  Even if your order is large and requires multiple boxes, you still will only be charged the $9.50 handling fee one time per an entire order.

Hopefully this helps explain why we do things the way we do!  We realize that many of our customers have small freezers or limited storage space and seven pounds may seem like too much to store so we want to share a few minimum order suggestions:


For the Kids

Snack Sticks – 2 packs

Beef Franks – 2 packs

Salami – 1 pack

Summer Sausage – 1 pack

Burger Patties – 3 packs

Polish Sausage Breakfast Sliders – 1 pack

This equals out to seven pounds exactly – the snack sticks will probably be gone in a day, and the rest will easily fit in any size freezer. The Salami and Summer Sausage can go right in the refrigerator for easy snacking!



USWM grass-fed beef



Holiday Planning

BBQ Shredded Beef – 2 packs

Raw Mozzarella Cheese – 1 pack

Wild-Caught Shrimp – 1 bag

Braunschweiger – 2 rolls

Perfect for family that comes and goes during the holidays – our BBQ Beef makes for a great sandwich. Shrimp cocktail is a favorite during any holiday season and Braunschweiger appetizers will help your health as well! Shrimp bags store easily in any nook or cranny in your freezer, cheese can stay in the refrigerator and our Braunschweiger is usually gone within a few hours.


daily protein, breakfast, skipping breakfast


Everyday Necessities

Sugar-Free Pork Bacon – 1 pack

Ground Beef – 2 packs

Ground Turkey – 2 packs

Butter – 2 packs

Pet Burger – 1 pack

Our ground meat varieties are versatile enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner and pet burger will please any pooch on a daily basis.


Lunch Essentials

Beef Bologna – 1 pack

Beef Jerky – 2 packs

Chicken Drumsticks – 2 packs

Shredded Beef – 1 pack

Boneless Pork Chops – 1 pack

Seven pounds total here with several different easy lunch options! Pre-cooked shredded beef can be served plain or with your favorite sauce and you’ll have some leftover for dinner.



Marrow Bones – 2 packs

Bone Broth – 1 pail

Liverwurst – 1 pack

Beef Liver – 1 pack

Pork Lard – 1 pail

This winning combination will keep any cold or flu at bay. These nutrient dense foods are favorites of the Weston A. Price followers and favorites of ours as well!

As you can see, there are endless ways to create a minimum order! You can also check out our Best Sellers list for more easy shopping ideas. What may seem challenging at first can actually become a fun experience as items are added to your cart. We hope this helps make your shopping experience easier. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience with USWM so that you’re ordering our delicious food delivered to your door for years to come.

We welcome you to help share how to meet our order minimums.