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Grass-fed Beef Builds Champions

Josh Bryant, pemmican

By Josh Bryant

Champions eat to fuel their body. Period. When John suggested I eat pemmican to take my performance to the next level, I was all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwich. Back in 2005, I was competing for the coveted title of The Strongest Man in America. I was considered a top 3 finish, at best. Nobody expected me to set any records. During pre-workouts, other competitors were eating sugar-filled granola bars and a majority were ingesting legal crack, aka, the latest pre-workout. I was in the warm-up room feasting on a bucket of pemmican; while serving as the butt of many jokes. Little did everyone know they were about to receive a butt kicking.

To make a long story short; that day I went on to win big, setting three records.



Josh Bryant, pemmican


Typically, when you think to fuel your body as an athlete, you think you will be making sacrifices in the taste. This is simply not true and that’s why I’ve been a US Wellness Meats customer since 2005. These products have now expanded with me and I feed my family this great-tasting turbo fuel.

As an athlete, I have realized the following three benefits from grass-fed beef:

1.  To be my best, I must maximize relative strength. What this means is have the best pound for pound strength to body weight ratio. Because grass-fed beef is packed with CLA, I’ve been able to maximize muscle mass and minimize body fat. Grass-fed beef has something like six times the amount of CLA of normal store-bought beef. Science is pretty clear that CLA aids in reducing body fat and preserving muscle mass. Don’t waste your money on the less-effective, synthetic supplement version of CLA. Get it naturally and enjoy the taste!

2.  It is sort of silly that people nowadays want to eat poultry and take creatine. There is no point in wasting money on artificial creatine bought from the store. Get it from the best-tasting source there is: grass fed beef from US Wellness Meats. Creatine helps with explosive power, maximizing muscle mass and increasing strength. My preferred creatine source is pemmican or ribeyes, but you can find your own.

3.  While the latest pop fitness guru, or doctor, may not associate red meat with vitamins and minerals, it is a fact that grass-fed beef has four times more Vitamin E than typical store-bought meat. Why does this matter? Vitamin E plays a huge role with the antioxidant system, respiratory health and optimizing the circulatory system. The cliff note version is: Vitamin E is essential to maintain homeostasis. The healthier you are, the better you perform.

I have no intentions to slow down my grass-fed beef intake. I am proud to use and recommend the product to others. Find your favorite and reap the benefits. There’s some pemmican in the fridge calling my name.