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Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

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Scott, I have had success losing body fat this year, but the stubborn body fat around my buttocks and thighs is still a big issue. What can be done to get rid of stubborn body fat with nutrition in particular? It seems like the stubborn areas get worse when I am stressed at work. ~ Bonnie

Bonnie — yes, higher stress levels contribute to increased stubborn body fat by activating fat storage receptors and by negatively impacting the hormonal environment. Stubborn body fat levels can climb even when people are in a caloric deficit which is mind blowing for many people. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and myself have developed multiple nutrition strategies to get rid of stubborn body fat which takes some time to change hormonal/metabolic trends. for a free copy of the Stubborn Fat Burning Special Report and to discuss your Nutrition and Exercise Questions.

Stubborn Body Fat Origins

Some people deal with more stubborn body fat for genetic reasons while others may stimulate stubborn body fat accumulation for a combination of factors. Elevated stress is a common thread, however stress can be elevated due to poor recovery from exercise, alcohol consumption, under eating, food allergies, sub optimal sleep and many other factors. One of the first steps I take is to make sure that the exercise stimuli does not exceed the capacity to recover. A sustained period of low caloric intake is commonly linked to stubborn body fat deposition perhaps to preserve survival due to our primal functions developed when periods of famine were still present.

Consuming a diet full of organic and grass fed choices can reduce stress in many ways which contributes to stubborn body fat loss. For example toxins and hormones found in commercially raised animals can increase chemical stress levels.

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Suboptimal recovery from even a low volume of exercise can cause stubborn body fat accumulation through a complex elevation of stress hormones associated with muscle wasting, low energy and stubborn body fat deposition. High amounts of steady state cardio are counterproductive for stubborn body fat loss.

The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan teaches the body to burn more stored fat as fuel and creates excellent fat burning conditions even when stress levels are elevated. High stress levels destroy carb tolerance making a low carb plan with a high intake of organic dietary fat and proteins the perfect approach to get rid of overall and stubborn body fat.

Email  for your free copies of the Stubborn Fat Burning Special Report and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System. Summer will be here before you know it, now is the time to take corrective action to promote faster body transformations with a high quality of life. Contact 7 days per week to discuss your individual situation and goals.

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Scott Mendelson

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