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Fresh Sockeye Salmon Sous Vide Recipe

Fresh Sockeye Salmon Sous Vide

Recipe Author: Ethan Torgersen

June 2019 Featured Chef, Ethan Torgersen, shares this easy to prepare, wild-caught seafood recipe.

It really takes very little effort to make delicious food when you start with the right ingredients. Wild-caught Salmon is one of those delicate treasures that can be easy to prepare and so darn good. If you’ve never tried sous vide, now may be the time to invest in this handy kitchen tool. A little practice and you’ll be making gourmet worthy meals. Sous vide is the process of cooking sealed food in a water bath. Most people use either a sealed plastic bag or a glass jar. The heated water cooks the food evenly and takes away the guessing.

This meal was absolutely the bomb!

USWM Shopping List: Wild-caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Filet, Grass-fed Butter

Fresh Sockeye Salmon Sous Vide

PHOTO CREDIT: Fresh Sockeye Salmon Sous Vide by Ethan Torgersen | Fit_and_Ketoned


Instructions For Fresh Sockeye Salmon Sous Vide

  1. Use a paper towel to pat dry the Salmon filet, then season with Lemon Pepper. I prefer Lemon Pepper from @realsaltbbq.
  2. Seal the filet in a vaccuum pouch with a tsp of melted butter or olive oil. NOTE: If you don’t have a vaccuum sealer, use a food grade ziplock freezer style 1 quart bag. Seal the bag except for about an inch remaining open. Carefully lower the bag with salmon into the water, holding it above water level. As the bag is lowered into the water, the air will be forced out of the bag. Finish sealing the bag just before it’s submerged completely below water.
  3. Set Sous Vide @ 120°f for 45 minutes and allow the salmon to take a water bath.
  4. Remove bagged salmon from the water bath and plastic bag.
  5. Next, take a cast iron skillet, heat on medium high and melt raw butter.
  6. Sear on each side in the skillet briefly (30 seconds each side) and drizzle with fresh lemon juice
ethan torgersen

Meet The Chef

Ethan Torgersen is an avid outdoor cook and real food enthusiast. To combat IBS and stomach issues, Ethan has embraced a low carb diet and healthy lifestyle focused on eating nutrient dense foods and exercise. Check out Ethan’s latest cooking adventures HERE.