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Free Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training Program Opportunities

fat burning goals


I am looking for a weight training program that my husband and I can both do to lose body fat quickly.  As the weather changes into fall we have lost focus during previous years and given up a lot of fat loss success earned over summers.  We are determined not to let that happen again.

~ Terry and Michael


The free Strip 18 Weight Training program is great for men and women who want to lose body fat quickly and firm up all of the right places.   Each exercise included within the program has instructional videos to demonstrate proper form, execution and additional tips.  There are several ways to adjust the program based on individual needs even with limited equipment.


fat burning goals


Get a free copy of the entire Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training program including expert video demonstrations of every exercise by emailing Leigh is laughing as I coach her through the glute raise exercise which is one of many we demonstrated for the camera crew to support the Strip 18 plan with videos for every single exercise.

Turn Up the Fat Burning

Each set includes 18 repetitions with proper form, however the weight load can change during the set.  One of the objectives is to make the set last over a minute which correlates very well to the release of fat burning hormones especially when the weight loads are challenging and rest periods between sets are short.  The failure of all high repetition programs is that a very low weight load must be used in order to perform 18 reps in a row.

Adjusting The Weight Load

Pick a weight load that you estimate can be done for 9 reps with proper form.  You and your husband will likely need different weight amounts which is fine.  One rep short of failure reduce the weight load by 10 to 20% and continue until hitting 18 excellent repetitions.  This means the average weight load per rep over the course of the set will be much higher than if you picked a weight that can be done for 18 reps without changing.


fat burning goals

It is time to get back to your grass fed and organic food choices after a summer full of chocolate, refined foods and more!  Set your fat burning goals and shift your taste buds back to a higher protein and dietary fat profile with grass fed beef bacon!

Time Under Tension

You may have noticed above that sets should last over a minute with 18 reps.  Each rep should last 4 to 5 seconds which when multiplied by 18 reps is 72 to 90 seconds.  This does not include the small time period it takes to change the weight loads.  This elongated time under tension burns a ton of calories and has a great impact on the fat burning hormonal profile.

Three Times Per week

Three weight training sessions per week that last 30 to 40 minutes is ideal for most people wanting to maximize rates of body fat loss based on over 20 years of experience helping clients from all walks of life.  Short rest periods and the strip set structure packs a couple hours of work into a forty minute session and you will both feel highly energized by the time the session is done if you are taking care of recovery.

Fat Burning Intervals

Ideally clients can perform two fat burning interval sessions on two other days of the week to work synergistically to support rapid fat burning goals.  This leaves two days with no structured training that can be used for general activity, competitive sports, stretching or other activities that clients enjoy.

Strategies Make the Difference

The fastest rates of body transformation only come when the correct strategies are put into place.  Working hard without the correct strategies can bring some success, but rarely does this practice help people reach short and long term goals.

Organically Fuel Your Muscles

Proper nutrition planning including organic food sources drives great potential for exercise performance.  Weight training done correctly requires gradual improvements from week to week.  Fuel up with grass fed steaks, burgers, hot dogs, sausages and more while the weather is still great for grilling.  Dietary fats from organic sources can provide a very efficient source of energy for the body during weight training especially when using a lower carbohydrate nutrition plan.

Get a free copy of the Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training Program including video support by emailing  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week to get fall off to a great start.

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