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Food: The Mighty Mystery or The Mighty Cure?


For many, food is a confusing myth of good vs. bad—such as gluten free vs. sprouted wheat vs. whole grain wheat. As a result, people become discouraged and don’t make beneficial choices when it comes to their diets. We only live once and we should be happy—and happiness often comes in the form of food. That being said, choosing “good” food matters and is very important to the body’s overall happiness. Covering up “bad” symptoms such as bloating, gas, headaches, skin rashes or even acne, with medications or over the counter drugs does not produce a truly “happy” body.

Finding Healthy Foods

If you are here and you are a part of the US Wellness Meats family, it’s because you are conscious of how the right foods can contribute to your body’s happiness, you believe in sustainable farming, and that livestock should be treated with love and respect as food. You are probably also fed up with large commercial food companies lying to you about how they care for their source livestock, what they feed them, and the ingredients that they include on their labels.

I used to be a confused eater. Even when I thought I had a healthy pescatarian diet, I was clueless about inflammatory foods, mystery ingredients or responsibly farmed foods. I had psoriasis, extreme brain fog, restless leg syndrome, numbness and tingling, and was eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013.

Avoiding Inflammatory Foods

It was after the diagnosis that I finally learned about using food as medicine and how an inflammatory—even a seemingly “healthy” but still inflammatory diet—was causing my symptoms. I was blown away listening to my first online autoimmune webinar series hosted by Dr. Amy Myers. Through experts like Dr. Myers, who is an MD and doctor of naturopathic medicine, I learned that certain specific foods were causing the havoc on my body. This made perfect sense to me, as nothing else had worked up until this point. It was then that I decided to embark on an eight week AIP (autoimmune paleo) elimination diet.

Embracing AIP

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to make a change. I was there! I know what rock bottom in health feels like. After changing my diet first to an AutoImmune Paleo Protocol and experimenting with Keto, I realized that all these principles matter and eventually turned to a Keto-Green Diet (plant-based with minimal animal protein and fat content) that worked best for me. After four years of feeling better than any medication could produce, it was clear that food was a “cure” for me.

US Wellness Meat cows enjoying their grass dinner among friends in their spacious field.
US Wellness Meat cows enjoying a meal

I learned about the few companies like US Wellness Meats from one of the many health and wellness online summits and I have been ordering from them ever since. I love knowing my chicken backs for my daily bone broths are from soy free and well cared for chickens. The livestock I use as food cannot eat the food allergens such as soy and other grains or else psoriasis and other symptoms may come back to plague me. From food chemicals, gums and fillers—I must be careful to omit these ingredients from my diet.

I am happy because my immune system and whole body is well because I choose to eat non-inflammatory foods. Food is not a mystery and I hope people will choose wisely before they feel they have to or they hit rock bottom.


Thank you to all the companies out there dedicated to the health of people, land and animals!


Meet The Author

Angela LanderosAngela Landeros is the author of ‘The FLog Journal, A Six Month Food Journey For Those Who Want To Feel Amazing Every Day.’ The book is based on her journey healing MS and other autoimmune symptoms through diet and lifestyle and offers the guidelines for others to take control by journaling their food and connecting their symptoms to those food choices and eliminating the bad things that cause bad symptoms. She is determined that MS will not keep her from enjoying life and her love of riding horses. She believes everyday is an opportunity to feel amazing!

You can find her at and social media.