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Food For Student Athletes & Firefighters

grass-fed ground beef

US Wellness Meats founding partner, John Wood, recently visited the Los Angeles area to bring along some good will from the Midwest.

UCLA Wooden Academy Student Athlete Dinner

USWM has been a proud sponsor of UCLA Bruin athletics since 2017. UCLA is a legendary institution of higher learning drawing talented minds and athletes from all over the world.

USWM feeds professional and college athletes all over the country and families in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Approximately 800 UCLA student athletes assembled on the UCLA campus last week for a taste of Missouri’s finest grass-fed beef. USWM Burgers and Beef Franks were on the menu for the gathering. John Wood enjoyed visiting with the student athletes and was impressed with the students and facilities.

Ventura County Firefighters

grass-fed ground beef

With wildfires devastating southern California this fall, John decided to bring along about 750 lbs of 100% grass-fed ground beef patties in appreciation for the hard work and dedicated service of firefighters in the area. Ventura County firefighters fought back fires that consumed thousands of acres and left thousands homeless.

Our sincere appreciation and well wishes go out to all those who fought the fires in the Thousand Oaks area. These brave men and women put their lives in harms way to protect fellow residents.

We continue to keep all those who lost loved ones and/or property in our thoughts and prayers.