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Flexible Fasting Effective Fat Burner

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Scott, what is the best form of fasting to burn body fat quickly and is this still a good technique for women? Is it realistic to use fasting patterns for an extended period of time?

Yes! Flexible Fasting is highly effective for fat burning in both men and women according to patient trials conducted by Dr. Eric Serrano MD within his medical practice over the last several years. Fasting is actually a very broad topic and as discussed within the above video, Dr. Serrano and I use many different fasting approaches pending the client needs to maximize their success. The simplest way to use flexible fasting is to not consume food from the time period following an early dinner until lunch time the next day which can create excellent fat burning conditions especially when applied consistently for a few weeks.

Why Fasting Works

A fasted period of 16 to 18 hours has a distinct impact on many factors that govern fat burning including digestion, hormones, caloric restriction and more. While fasting can help to create a caloric deficit there is more to a successful fat loss equation. It is ideal to position meals following exercise especially when those meals contain carbohydrates. While many rapid fat loss approaches can combine fasting and a zero carb approach there are also advantages to targeted carb intake to spark fat burning which has been very effective for our clients.

A Gradual Approach

There are many extreme fasting protocols in the news cycle that are not appropriate for a large percentage of the population due to their length and other factors. You can take a gradual approach to fasting and still earn great benefits.

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Timing is Everything

There is evidence to suggest consuming meals earlier in the day is effective for fat burning. So in other words having a bigger lunch and smaller dinner that finishes by 6 pm is highly advantageous for those that can manage that schedule.

Caloric Intake

Yes, a caloric deficit is important for fat burning, but the quality of the food choices is also vital. It is extremely helpful to consume all of your caloric intake as nutrient dense food. Focus on grass fed steak and other organically raised protein and dietary fat sources during your one or two meals daily. At times, fasting can make people very hungry headed into their meals which can be problematic. Consume your meals more slowly so the brain has time to catch on and give you more feelings of fullness before you eat more than planned.

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Scott Mendelson

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