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Scott, how many calories should I eat if I want to lose body fat fast and keep it off? Counting all of the calories is very stressful and I am not sure how accurate I can be even with the tracking app on my phone. I find myself getting hungry too often which distracts from my work responsibilities. ~ Sarah

Sarah, calories are one factor of many that influence the ability to lower body fat, how long it takes to reach goals and the ability to sustain success. Focusing on the right organic food choices, macronutrient percentages (carbohydrate, protein and dietary fat), meal timing and many other factors collectively have a greater impact on fat burning abilities in addition to daily energy. The easiest way to have larger satisfying meals while accelerating body fat loss is to use flexible fasting protocols that can range in length from 12 to 24 hours.

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Flexible Fasting is A Fat Loss Game Changer

There is much more to fasting than just eliminating food intake for a period of time. Fasted periods of as little as 12 hours can help to improve hormonal and metabolic markers that govern body fat loss. The easiest way to implement a 12 hour fast is to not eat after a 7 pm dinner and then eat breakfast at 7 am in the morning. A large part of that time is spent sleeping. A longer fasted period can easily be achieved by not having the first meal of the day until around lunch time as 16 hour fasts have additional fat burning benefits for people in good health.

flexible fasting

Flexible fasting and the correct meal structure with organic dietary fats, proteins and green vegetables teaches the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel throughout the day as well as during exercise for faster body transformations.

Nutrient Partitioning

Fasting makes the body become more efficient in many ways allowing the system to make better use of quality food intake. This supports body fat loss by improving efficiency based on many years of experience implementing flexible fasting with a wide variety of successful clients.

Don’t Stress Over Calorie Counting

Consuming extra calories from organic dietary fats and proteins drives fat burning. Many people mistakenly under eat for extended periods of time and stall out the metabolism. It is OK to eat until you are satisfied when using the correct sources. Remember the elimination of all carbohydrate sources outside of green vegetables for a few weeks teaches the body to utilize stored fat as fuel very efficiently. In many cases when working with new clients increasing the caloric intake from quality food sources are the steps needed to kick start fat burning. Focus on approximate portion sizes instead of calories to make your life much easier.

Satisfying Meals

Having two large meals full of clean dietary fats, proteins and vegetables is extremely satisfying and prevents hunger during other times of the day as the body favorably adapts to using more stored fat as fuel. You can get away with consuming larger portions of a grass fed T bone or Ribeye for example when using flexible fasting protocols while remaining satisfied for many hours.

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Scott Mendelson

Author of the 100% Fitness Solution eBook and Director of Infinity Fitness is a highly regarded performance nutrition and training specialist. In addition to designing customized programs for his celebrity, weekend warrior and executive clients, Scott works daily with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA. Scott has built an excellent reputation providing effective supplements, cutting-edge information and unmatched service to thousands of clients worldwide since 1999.

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