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Firm Up Your Arms and Torch Fat with Cluster 6 Pause Arm Training

zero carb diet

Scott, I need to lose body fat and firm up my arms. The sessions need to be short due to my schedule. I want to tighten up the loose skin on my arms which really bothers me. I am also in need of nutrition advice. I am fully ready to make changes as long as I can be confident they will work! ~ Jane, Indianapolis

Jane, Cluster 6 Pause Arm Training is the ticket for you as the sessions are thirty minutes or less while being highly productive for body fat loss. The contraction pause points demonstrated in the video can help to boost IGF1 (Insulin Growth Factor 1) naturally which burns fat and improves muscle tone locally. The higher the training quality, the greater the boost of IGF1. The right strategies are necessary to drive great success. Otherwise you are just spinning your wheels.

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Shift the Body To Burning More Stored Fat as Fuel

A zero carb intake outside of green vegetables for three weeks in combination with consistent weight training is a great way to force the body into using more stored fat as fuel through multiple proven pathways. The depletion of carbohydrate forces the body to look for other fuel sources such as stored fat during exercise and daily activities. The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan is highly advanced yet very simple to execute while helping thousands of people outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in just three weeks.

Organic Fuel Sources

Focusing on organic dietary fat and protein sources balances energy to make rewarding training sessions much more likely. The ratios of dietary fats within organically raised foods such as grass fed beef are far superior to commercialized animals. This plays a large role in daily energy and quality of life. The advanced strategies build into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan drive high energy levels and great progress leading to the consistent execution necessary to maximize rates of progress. You can repeat the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan followed by the Day 22 Carb Load as many times as you like to reach your desired levels of low body fat.

Feel like a millions bucks following every challenging Cluster 6 Pause Training Session

Long Sets for More Fat Burning Hormones

The Cluster 6 Pause Training technique makes sets last in the area of two minutes which can generate big spikes of fat burning hormones. The form must be correct along with challenging weight loads which can be gradual in nature. Short rest between sets as outlined in the program file help to further boost fat burning hormones. Matching a biceps and a triceps exercise back to back for example creates faster recovery time tables between sets allowing for less rest and more fat burning.

Schedule the Sessions

Set a time three times per week for Cluster 6 Pause training which only last 30 minutes per session. I bet you will finish the session feeling great with a high sense of accomplishment. A consistent execution for 6 weeks will maximize your success. Two additional fat burning interval sessions per week followed by afterburners would be a great consideration as well to maximize rates of fat burning with high daily energy.

Email for your free copy of the Cluster 6 Pause Weight Training Program and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. I can help you implement a comprehensive weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plan to transform your body while improving your quality of life.