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Fill Your Forks With Love Giveaway


ENTER TO WIN this month’s Fill Your Fork With Love Giveaway!

July 2017 USWM Featured Chef, Raf Chung of Between Two Forks, shares his culinary creativity and passion for adventurous cooking. Check out Raf’s Chef Page for Recipes and Q&A and enter to win this fabulous giveaway!


Prize Pack


This month’s Fill Your Fork With Love Prize Pack is valued at approximately $200. It’s a delicious mix of grass-fed beef, heritage pork, seafood, seasonings, chocolate and more!

Beef Chuck Roast – 3 lbs

Pork Shoulder Roast – 3.5 lbs

Beef Cheeks – 1 lb

Beef Tongue – 2.2-3 lbs avg

Chicken Stock – 2.2 lbs (38 oz)

85% Lean Ground Beef – 1 lb package

Bison Chorizo Sausage – 1 lb

Primal Palate Griddle & Grill Seasoning ~ Organic Spice Pack

Pure Indian Foods Turmeric Superghee

Wild Red Boneless, Skinless Pouched Salmon – 6 oz

Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar


Enter to Win! Nobody wins without entering!

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