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Fat Loss Stay At Home Challenge Before Vacation For Ripped Six Pack

body fat percentage

Scott, we want to get very aggressive with fat loss for however long this stay at home order is in effect, as soon as it is over we are going on vacation. What do you suggest for nutrition, weight training and cardio for someone who is relatively lean and wanting to get a great six pack level of condition? I am challenging myself, my wife as well as my brother/sister in law who live a block away to see who can lose the most body fat for a 6 week period. We have a home gym in the basement and have room outside to do other activities. ~ Ron, Buffalo Grove, IL

Ron, you guys are taking a smart approach to take advantage of the current situation around the country. Yes, going from relatively lean to a single digit body fat percentage to show off a great set of abs presents several challenges you can address. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I have assembled the Advanced Rapid Fat Loss Tip File with this exact situation in mind for men and women to utilize to their advantage.

Get The Advanced Rapid Fat Loss Tip File by emailing so you can be in great shape for Spring and Summer. The current stay at home circumstances are rough, however that is not an excuse to make poor food choices and reduce exercise volume.

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Shop Correctly in Advance

Get all of the bad food choices out of the house including anything refined. Rely on organic sources for 6 weeks by ordering grass fed beef, organic dietary fat sources, wild caught seafood and more so you are well stocked with what you need in advance. Ordering or buying bad food choices at the grocery store is setting yourself up for failure.

Shift the Body To Burn More Fat

Eliminating carbohydrate except for green vegetables for a three week period is challenging for some people, however highly effective for body fat loss. It is really a matter of making an active decision to support your body fat loss goals. The body responds very well to a nutrition intake of organic proteins, dietary fat and green vegetables from multiple perspectives including balancing daily energy levels.

body fat percentage

Medicine balls are great way to combine fat burning interval work with core conditioning in the backyard. Functional core work performed by personalized program clients creates the best results for abdominal muscle development while lowering body fat levels quickly.

Flexible Fasting

Implementing fasting periods from 12 to 20 hours in length on a daily basis is very effective for fat burning under the current circumstances. Being at home more now than ever for many people leads them to have more idle time to eat out of boredom which can end up adding many extra meals during the day. Having hard fasting rules in place will prevent unintended food consumption. Flexible fasting is not just a matter of lowering calories, a metabolic and hormonal shift can take place during fasted periods which facilitate greater rates of body fat loss over time.

Cluster 6 Pause Weight Training At Home

Access to a home gym is a tremendous advantage during the current circumstances. You do not need a lot of equipment necessarily to get a great fat burning weight training session. However a specific protocol is important to maximize your success. The Cluster 6 Pause Body Transformation Plan is an excellent program that does not require heavy loading. The demonstration videos within the program file have been very helpful to people around the globe to train at home effectively.

Rapid Fat Burning Intervals

Conduct Fat Burning Interval sessions at least twice per week and possibly three if the right recovery conditions are in place. The emphasis should be on quality over quantity with a variety of venues easily used at home. Weather is improving which creates more options around the country.

Email for your free copies of the Advanced Fat Burning Nutrition Tips and The Cluster 6 Pause Weight Training Program.. I can help you implement a comprehensive weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plan to transform your body while improving your quality of life.

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