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Fat Burning Fury Leg Workouts Done At Home with Body Weight

leg workouts

Scott, I typically make excuses not to train my legs for a number of reasons. I need something I can do at home to help me lose more body fat and firm up the glutes and thighs if you know what I mean. Not knowing what to do has me really limited, but I really want to be in great shape for Memorial Day.

~ Nicki Nashville TN



Fat Burning Fury Leg Workouts can be done at home or just about anywhere to boost fat burning hormones while helping you firm up in all of the right spots in less than 30 minutes!   Short rest periods combined with four challenging body weight exercises in a row build up fat burning hormones and metabolism for up to 2 days following each session.  Yes you can make great progress between now and Memorial day if you take the proper approach to nutrition, resistance training and fat burning intervals.



leg workouts



A high quality of work combined with short rest periods creates an excellent fat burning response for up to 48 hours following each workout when recovery methods are properly addressed.


Reach Your Fat Burning Potential


Keep in mind that the lower body contains at least 50% of your total muscle weight which needs to be trained correctly to maximize metabolic activity.  Each pound of muscle burns calories 24×7 so make all of your muscles work in your favor over the course of the week to maximize fat burning.


Action Packed Fat Burning


Short sessions that are action packed can be quite enjoyable as clients begin to notice benefits within the first couple of weeks.  Muscles respond well to the correct stimuli and leg exercises tend to create a higher energy response throughout the day in comparison to the upper body.  I build gradual progressions into client programs to improve work capacity over time without overtraining.


Resistance Training is Required


Steady state cardio sessions do not provide enough stimulation for your legs to bring on your full fat burning potential.  Most clients do very well with one well planned lower body resistance training session and two fat burning interval sessions each week.



leg workouts



A simple bench or stable chair can support many body weight exercise variations at home or when walking around town!  Notice the excellent range of motion and proper posture achieved above with sharp focus on the task at hand.


Make the time


The ability to train at home certainly offers more opportunities to exercise with great focus.  I advise clients to set a consistent time for training when energy levels are high and distractions are at a minimum to support excellent execution.   We all can make time for what is important and exercise should be a priority every week to improve body composition, daily energy, productivity and quality of life.


Get the Right Fuel


Optimal performance during exercise sessions and daily life requires the right fuel from healthy foods.  Fill each day with grass fed beef, wild caught fish/seafood, high fiber green vegetables, grass fed butter and more!  Sustainably raised protein and dietary fat sources are free of exogenous hormones and antibiotics that otherwise interfere with body fat loss.  Animals consuming the diet nature intended will always have a far superior nutrient content compared to commercially raised counterparts.


Author: Scott Mendelson


Email for a free copy of the Fat Burning Fury Leg Training Workout including instructional videos and tips.  We can discuss your individual goals and challenges 7 days per week.


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