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Fat Burning Interval Sprints Are 2x Better Than Steady State Cardio

interval sprints


What type of cardio work should I do to lose body fat faster and how often?  I have done steady pace cardio for years and even up to 5 days per week for an hour with little success.  I make good food choices, at least I think I do, but need more fat loss progress before I lose motivation.  ~ Karen, Milwaukee



Karen, two fat burning interval sessions per week done with a variety of venues will have a huge impact on your rates of fat burning if you apply the correct efforts to training and recovery.  Three days of the week should be dedicated to weight training that is geared to fat loss, leaving two days for general activity and stretching.  Outdoor interval sessions work very well when properly clothed to avoid freezing!



interval sprints



Get free copies of the Fat Burning Interval Program and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan by emailing  Stringing together weeks of well-designed exercise and nutrition plans builds the metabolic as well as hormonal momentum necessary for excellent transformations.


Make Hard Work Pay Off By Using the Correct Strategies


Eating “clean” is not enough to earn a lower body fat level with high energy.  The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan produces great results in a short time span to revive your motivation levels.  You can use large amounts of sustainably raised protein, dietary fat and vegetable sources during the 21 Day period to each the body to use more stored fat as fuel.  The right food choices, combination and timing not only help with fat burning, but to also support a higher quality of life.



interval sprints



30 Minutes of Intervals are Better than 60 Minutes of Steady State cardio


Short interval sessions or interval sprints with a high intensity will burn more calories than longer steady state cardio sessions.  More importantly an interval session has a greater impact on elevated metabolism and fat burning hormones for the 48 hours following each session compared to “lite” cardio and other nonsensical terms applied to low effort walks to nowhere.


Will You Put In the Effort?


There are no controversies related to interval work as the research demonstrates they are highly effective for body fat loss.  However many people do not apply enough effort to gain the most possible fat burning benefits.  A common sense approach that I take with clients is to gradually increase intensity levels measured by quality of work.


Feel Great During and Following Training


Clients routinely send me short videos from their phones pedaling away at very high speeds to demonstrate great effort and satisfaction from their twenty to thirty minute interval sessions.  You will feel exhilarated by the end of the interval sessions while the mind naturally frees itself from stress.  Every well executed session is an investment in your success.


How To Get It Done Right


For example pedal as hard as you can for ten seconds followed by thirty seconds at a moderate pace. That does not sound so hard, but repeating that sequence for an entire twenty minute period without a drop off in intensity will be very challenging when the correct level of effort is applied.  You may notice some burning sensations within muscles which signals elevations in lactic acid.  Lactic acid is a pre-cursor to growth hormone which is a powerful fat burning agent.


Use good judgement and take a gradual approach to fat burning interval if you are in good enough health to do so as determined by your doctor.  The first few sessions may be pretty humbling, but reaching new goals is often accompanied by significant challenges.


Author: Scott Mendelson


Email for free copies of the Fat Burning Interval Program and  the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Program so you can be ready for Spring.  We can discuss your New Year Goals and Challenges 7 days per week.


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