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Surge Fat Burning Enzymes and Metabolism with a High Calorie Day

high calorie day


We really like to eat out at least one time per week and end up screwing up a weeks’ worth of hard work by making the wrong food choices. How do you suggest eating out while achieving fat loss goals before great weather arrives?  ~ Mary and Wendell, Houston TX



A high calorie day one time per week is the perfect day to eat out at restaurants with organic food choices to drive up fat burning enzymes, boost metabolism and optimize fat burning hormones.  I have clients who eat all three meals out at restaurants on a high calorie day as part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan with great success.



high calorie day



Email for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan including a full run down of the High Calorie Day Meals!


Shake Things Up Eating Out


Eating the same things day after day with similar meal timing and other regularities is a recipe for disaster. This not only bores your taste buds, but also metabolism and other factors governing body fat loss.  Our clients have enjoyed high calorie days one time per week tremendously for so many reasons including elevated energy for several days following.


Organic Dietary Fats Drive up Fat Burning Enzymes


One of the objectives of the high calorie day is to drive up fat burning enzymes for several days by increasing dietary fat intake from organic sources at your meals.  The body responds to the high intake of dietary fats on the high calorie day by surging fat burning enzymes to process all of the food.  Returning to a normal level of dietary fat and overall food intake the following days allows extra fat burning enzymes to go after stored fat as fuel.



high calorie day



Having confidence in your nutrition plan will help you make the right decisions when ordering your meals.  Baked cage free chicken wings, grass fed skirt steak, and vegetables soaked in grass fed butter are very satisfying.


Keep Billions of Fat Cells Clean


Choose your food sources wisely because commercially raised cows for example can have high amounts of toxins, antibiotics and hormones within the dietary fat you consume.  As a result these bad materials can get lodged in your fat cells making body fat loss much more difficult over the short and long term.  Grass Fed beef, for example, has a superior ratio of dietary fats within the meat making it one of the ideal choices for raising fat burning enzymes through the roof.


Eat More Often


Eating more often at least one day per week to contrast against other days of the week is very important for preventing metabolic staleness.  This also helps to spread out the total food intake of the course of the entire day.


More Exercise


A higher volume of exercise on the high calorie day is very advantageous for additional fat burning and to support increased levels of energy.  In addition to a weight training session you might also consider a fat burning interval session four hours later to make the most out of the fat burning conditions created.


Author: Scott Mendelson


Email for free copies of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Program including High Calorie Day Meal Instructions so you can be ready for a great Spring.  We can discuss your New Year Goals and Challenges 7 days per week.

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