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Fasting the Right Way For Accelerated Fat Loss and High Energy Levels

Fasting, flexible fasting

Scott, I am considering adding fasting to my nutrition plan for greater body fat loss.  I have concerns that it will be very hard and burn me out.  What have you seen work well in the past?  ~ Mary and Joe, Seattle





Mary and Joe, Fasting correctly can improve rates of body fat loss significantly.  The wrong approach to fasting will make life pretty miserable with hunger, low energy, a downright bad mood and binging. Dr. Serrano and I have developed what we call flexible fasting as part of many fat loss nutrition protocols over the last several years including the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan.


Fasting is Easy to Implement


Simply stop eating after dinner and maintain a fasted state up until breakfast, mid-morning or even lunch time the next day.  Some people can jump right into a 16 hour fast while others need a shorter period of fasting to help the body acclimate.  This is why we use the term flexible fasting.  Very few people benefit from eating after dinner as the evening is a time when most regret making certain food choices out of habit or boredom.  The quality of sleep can improve by not eating after dinner so the digestive system can be fully relaxed by the time you are ready for bed.



Fasting, flexible fasting



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Not Just a Matter of Calories


Caloric intake is one factor of many impacting rates of body fat loss in addition to food combinations, timing of meals, macronutrient percentages, digestive capacity, food allergies and more.  Yes a flexible fasting protocol will logically reduce food intake for some people.  However the fat loss benefits largely come from beneficial changes to the hormonal environment during fasted periods.


Macronutrient Cycling for Excellent Rates of Body Fat Loss


Strategically rotating the amounts of dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate from organic sources by changing the composition of a few meals each week is extremely important for both fat burning and maintaining high energy levels.  Executing a high calorie day once per week with increased intake of good dietary fat sources such as grass fed beef, raw nuts, raw cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and more will boost fat burning hormones and enzymes.



fasting, pork, pasture raised



Mix It Up


Eating the same things every day leads to food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities causing a number of problems including difficulty losing body fat, fatigue, joint pain, rashes, digestive problems and more.  Many clients have reported big increases in energy when performing a 16 hour fast which could be due to at least in part relief from eating breakfast food choices that have been in place for many years.



Making Meals Count


You must make your meals count when reducing the frequency of eating to keep energy levels very high.  Try new food choices such as sustainably raised lamb, bison and pork.  How about wild caught fish and seafood for a change?  All meals should include an unlimited amount of green vegetables to satisfy dietary fiber needs.  Add organic dietary fats such as avocado, grass fed butter, raw nuts and more!  The meal size may increase so give yourself more time to eat at a moderate pace which can be helpful for digestion.


Author: Scott Mendelson


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