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Fact Check: NO mRNA Vaccines for Cattle

pasture, grassfed cattle, drone view

We’ve recently taken quite a few questions from concerned shoppers about mRNA vaccines for cattle. This has been a topic for quite a lot of debate on social media. So much so that the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has posted a statement correcting the record.

US Wellness Meats Livestock ARE NOT Vaccinated With mRNA Vaccines

We believe consumers should know their farmer, their food, and what goes into it. In short, we believe in transparency and informed consumers.

As the NCBA says above, NO beef cattle are currently vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. We’ll go a step further. Grassland Beef / US Wellness Meats and our partner farms DO NOT vaccinate our beef, pork, poultry, or any other animal we raise with mRNA vaccines and we have no intention of doing so. Rest assured, none of our livestock are vaccinated with mRNA vaccines.

cattle animals outside pasture green grass nature grazing
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Grassland Beef – A Higher Standard

Our holistically raised animals are healthier than their grain-fed, feed lot cousins. We use holistic, all-natural treatments including apple cider vinegar and ample access to clean water, air, and native grasses. Our animals eat what is naturally healthy for them to eat.