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Exercise: Fuel for Success

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As the summer winds down, and the weather cools, many people think of getting back on track. Routines are easier to re-establish during the traditional school calendar months. September through June or July are key months to exercise and eat healthy, reasonable meals.

Movement 101

It is not really necessary to exercise at a high intensity. Simply walking or bicycling consistently will quickly make a positive impact on your health. Adding light weight work outs with small hand weights or resistance are fun, easy and very portable. You can pop the bands in your bag and do it at lunch-time. If you cannot walk out-side or bike, take the stairs or march in place a couple times a day to move circulation. After a while, when you feel stronger add more resistance and maybe start a work-out at a gym with Nautilus equipment. Do 30 minutes every other day. Be sure to do some abdominal work and stretch a bit.


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Food Is Fuel!

Food as fuel is a huge topic. There are many nutritional plans out there. Think of your goals, and know your metabolic situation. If you prefer light exercise, then keto or paleo plans may suit you best.

Lamb meat-loaf is a favorite, because it is high in carnitine necessary for muscle building. Bison is also great on the grill or seared in a pan, or marinate it and make shish-ka-bobs. Bison is great protein, high in zinc and iron. If you are a serious athlete, fuel up with good protein like above and be sure to have healthy plant based carbs, quinoa and occasionally brown rice.

Remember fat is not bad for you. Use good sources like salmon, grass-fed butter, olive oil and sometimes nuts or seeds. Cranberries, berries and raisins are nature’s vitamin and are easy to add to salad or yogurt at breakfast. Good nutrition and getting healthy is actually quite easy once you get started.

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Seasonal Eating

The healthier you get, the more your body will crave good food for fuel. As the harvest comes in, increase colorful root veggies, squash and pumpkin. Be sure to add fun activities like gardening, car washing and house work. Once you realize that all movement helps muscle to get strong and increases metabolism, you will find it easier to keep moving and your body will trim and tone quickly.

Exercise For Little People

The very young are best at the play-ground and back-yard fun. Try to encourage stretching and crawling movements, and standing leg movements, especially up and down when they are ready. As children get older, introduce them to sports and body resistance exercises like abdominal/core work and modified push-ups. Keep up the cardiovascular exercise with walking, running, bicycling and skiing.

Nutritional fuel for babies is much easier than it used to be. There are many more options available now than ever before! I prefer steamed fresh veggies and fruit and blending at home. Home-made treats are best or choose well by reading the label. Low sugar, some fiber and natural ingredients are best.

Good Nutrition & Exercise For Adults

High level athletes are a whole different breed! They train so hard that they have to literally eat to fuel the body, to reduce inflammation and to recover the muscles properly.

Older people can progress like anyone else. It may take a bit longer and may require some guidance. Just stick with it and you will feel less pain, have better range of movement and will sleep better. The great thing about healthy life-style is that many times your “numbers” like blood-pressure, cholesterol, and body weight will improve.

Nutrition for the mature crowd, is the same as above, just adjust if you have any medical condition. Be sure to get your greens and root vegetables in on a daily basis. Pay attention to fiber and like everyone hydrate and include dietary supplements when necessary.

Healthy treats are good on occasion like a birthday or wedding. But as usual, we all know fruit or very healthy small cookies or biscotti are best. Sometimes, coffee or tea are enough to satisfy. Be sure to stay hydrated with diluted juices, broth, soup, and of course plain old water.


Healthy Mind & Body

There is no special trick to having and maintaining a healthy body and mind. The hardest thing is getting it going as soon as you can. Exercise regularly, and eat well and your body will do tricks and your clothes will fit better. Morning exercisers, perform better on the job, have better mood, and sleep better. Healthy habits help the body to resist illness and to age gracefully.

Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather, pick some apples and start your active life-style today.

Meet The Author

We invited this long time friend of US Wellness to write because of a broad background from pharmacy to wellness, exercise, stress and nutrition. Loves to cook and learn about nutrition, is very creative, and is an avid out-doors advocate that likes active life-style and staying strong.