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Eating Big Time on Vacation Surges Metabolism

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Scott, I am headed for a Caribbean cruise next week.  My husband and I used the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight training plans to get into great shape. We want to enjoy ourselves on the cruise without packing on the pounds. What do you suggest?

The right strategies will enable you to eat big time without piling on body fat.  In fact I suggest clients use the All You can Eat Vacation Strategies to eat more food including carbohydrates to support greater rates of body fat loss when they get home. Changing the macronutrient percentages and typical food sources while on vacation provides the body with valuable variety when the right choices are made. Too many people eat the same things in similar proportions all of the time which causes metabolic staleness.

vacation food, healthy fats, organically raised protein

Get a free copy of the all you can eat Vacation Special Report, Strip 18 Fat Loss weight training program and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan by emailing You can enjoy yourself on vacation without piling on body fat if you use the proven strategies Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott Mendelson have assembled based on over 50 years combined experience helping clients earn fantastic transformations.

Eat 2 Meals Per Day

Cruises, all-inclusive resorts, buffets and restaurants in general are known for large portions of great tasting foods. My clients who consume two meals per day (which ends of being a flexible fasting protocol) have a much easier time staying very lean while consuming big meals. The arrangement can change as needed, but typically would be consuming lunch and dinner or breakfast and dinner.

Carbohydrate Consumption is Activity Dependent

Get moving early and often with activities such as hiking, water sports and more so the body can better deal with an increased carbohydrate intake. In addition to weight training and fat burning interval sessions done during vacation, I would highly suggest staying active when you want to eat big time. A higher volume of exercise over the course of a vacation better prepares the body for carbohydrate intake from good sources that are stored within muscles instead of turning into new body fat.

Watch Out for Bad Ingredients

Canola oil, soy bean oil, hydrogenated oils, margarine etc. are all designed to increase shelf life within refined foods.  Unfortunately, these Ingredients also get lodged into billions of fat cells and are very hard to get out of fat cells. The presence of these foreign materials screws up fat cell function and makes it easier to store body fat instead if burning it for fuel.

Go Organic

Go for organically raised dietary fat and protein sources whenever possible.  Organic choices are becoming more popular in all restaurants.  The superior ratios of essential fats within organic sources are what nature intended and support a higher quality of life.  Estrogen and other toxins found within commercially raised animals also contribute to poor fat cell function and higher body fat levels.

Make Time to Train

A vacation is not a good time to just sit around sipping drinks.  Set a time for an exercise session of 30 to 45 minutes to surge fat burning hormones and metabolism for the next 48 hours under the right recovery conditions.  During a 7 day week I suggest three weight training and 2 fat burning sessions to support a heightened state of fat burning throughout the 7 day week.

Set Exercise Times to Drive High Energy Levels

Setting a time for the training sessions to finish about an hour before the next meal positions the body to best deal with carbohydrates by modifying hormonal conditions.  Having a set time for exercise also ensures the energizing sessions get done.  Taking time off from structured training results in sluggishness which leads to more bad food choices.

Email to get free copies of the All You Can Eat Special Report, Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight training program and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan designed to help you Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just three weeks. Take action to earn a great physique transformation this summer. We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week so you are ready for summer!

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