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Enjoy Vacation Food without Gaining Body Fat

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Scott, we are headed for a vacation in a couple weeks and we do not want to gain body fat and be stuck with low energy like prior trips. What do you suggest to get as lean as possible for the trip and then staying very lean? Kate and Chuck.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I have assembled the Lean Body Vacation Strategies exactly for this purpose so you can enjoy your vacation without gaining body fat. It is very important to stay active while on vacation with recreational activities in addition to compact weight training and fat burning interval sessions. It is perfectly ok to increase portion sizes during vacation while staying very active.

Improving Carbohydrate Tolerance

Focus carbohydrate consumption during the meal following weight training, or fat burning interval sessions as the body is most tolerant at that time. You can create excellent metabolic and hormonal conditions to drive carbs into hungry muscles instead of spilling over into billions of fat cells. Excess carbohydrate can easily be converted into stored body fat, so keep in mind carbohydrate intake is always activity dependent.

Focus carb intake, especially baked goods during the meal following training to help prevent body fat accumulation while on vacation. Avoid any food sources that include trans fats, preservatives, canola oil, soy bean oil or foods fried in corn oil as they have a devastating effect on billions of fat cells.

lean vacation food set on table with ocean view for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse to maximize rates of fat burning leading up to a vacation while building carbohydrate tolerance. Ask Scott for the Cluster 6 Pause Training Program and Videos.

Strive For 5

Five well executed exercise sessions over the course of a 7-day vacation is the ideal training frequency to keep fat burning firing on all cylinders. I suggest 3-weight training and 2-Fat Burning Interval sessions over the 7-day week in addition to general activity such as swimming, hiking etc. Each well executed exercise session has a distinct impact on fat burning hormones and metabolism for up to 48-hours when the right recovery support is put into place.

Cluster 6 Pause Training

The Cluster 6 Pause training system Dr. Serrano and I have used with numerous clients works extremely well to maximize rates of fat burning leading up to a vacation. Furthermore this unique training system is perfect to use during a vacation as the strategies deplete stored carbohydrate within the muscles know as glycogen which creates more room for carbs consumed on vacation to flow into muscles instead of being stored as new body fat.

Maximize Rates of Fat Burning for Vacation

The 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse is the best rapid fat burning system to use leading up to a vacation featuring large amounts of organic foods including grass-fed steaks! Flexible fasting protocols built into the 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse help to optimize insulin sensitivity over time which is crucial for improving carbohydrate tolerance during a vacation.

Email  for your free copies of Cluster 6 Pause Training Program Videos and the world famous 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System. Look and feel great on vacation!

Contact 7 days per week to discuss your individual situation and goals.

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Scott Mendelson

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