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Earning 6 Pack Abs ASAP

6 pack abs

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Scott, I want a six pack and I am ready to put in the work this fall. What do I need to do with nutrition and exercise to make it happen? My wife may also get on board with the plan when I start seeing results. ~ Mark

Earning a six pack requires lowering your body fat levels with the right nutrition and training approach while training the core muscles properly to improve definition. My clients train the core directly one time per week with programs such as the 6 pack band training. Other training sessions each week challenge the core muscles indirectly with movements such as single arm shoulder press. Training core movements with short rest intervals between sets spikes fat burning hormone levels significantly.

6 pack abs

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Rapid Body Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

A high protein and dietary fat approach from organic sources with a low carbohydrate intake is excellent for rapid fat loss. T bones, filets, grass fed ground beef burgers and more are great for keeping clients feeling satisfied while helping to teach the body to use more stored fat as fuel.

The High Calorie Day

One time per week, spiking calories upward from organic dietary fat and protein sources is extremely important for fat burning. The High Calorie Day should be on a weight training day and the largest meal of the day should follow the exercise session.

6 pack abs

The High Calorie Day may contain carbohydrates from non-refined sources for certain clients, pending the situation and goals. The right combination of carbohydrate, organic dietary fats and organic proteins can create a powerful fat burning environment when clients create the correct conditions.

Following the correct plan with your commitment to putting in the work is a powerful tool for physique transformation. Based on many years of experience, clients who are fully confident in the plan have excellent execution as they know each task gets them closer to long term goals.

Email if you want to develop a great 6 Pack with a high quality of life. Ask for the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition approach and the High Calorie Day Fat Burning System. Email Scott to discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

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