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Earn Lean and Strong Legs with the Functional Lunge Series

holiday fat burning, lunge exercise

Scott, I am searching for a lower body exercise that will help me improve strength and reduce body fat. I seem to accumulate most of my body fat around the buttocks and thighs especially around the holidays when I eat more sugar! What do you suggest? ~ Marissa

A rear leg elevated lunge is one of the best ways to stimulate a wide cross section of the leg musculature with a movement that is not too difficult to learn. Holding on to a 40-pound bag of salt or a 5-pound bag of dog food for example in a variety of positions helps to increase the intensity of the movement based on the individual client needs. Over time strategic challenges must be added to movements to keep progress moving in the right direction.

Performing the correct rear leg elevated lunge movement variations is excellent for reducing body fat levels and firing up metabolism throughout the holiday season. Pick 3 big meals during the holiday season for some sugar/carb intake and on all other days use the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to not only prevent holiday body fat accumulation, but also to build a rapid fat loss foundation for 2023.

holiday fat burning for free copies of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan, The Day 22 Carb Load and the Preventing Holiday Body Fat Special Report.

The Most Dangerous Food Choices of the Year

The entire holiday season kicking off with Thanksgiving presents tremendous challenges as it relates to poor food choice availability at holiday parties and family gatherings. You can certainly enjoy your holiday favorites without gaining body fat if you use the right strategies. Pick three big meals during the holiday season following Thanksgiving when you will consume more sugar and carbohydrate than usual. The rest of the days you can use a 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan approach to support rapid rates of fat burning. The metabolic and hormonal conditions created by frequent exercise and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse will help the body respond more favorably to the increased sugar and carb intake on the three days we mentioned.

Take a few meals to enjoy your holiday favorites and you can avoid body fat accumulation if you use the right strategies, including a focus on organic protein/dietary fat choices and avoiding all trans fats, corn oil and high fructose corn syrup in particular. Organic dietary fats in pastured turkeys and grass-fed beef help to keep you satisfied at holiday meals which limits how many desserts you can comfortably consume. It is very important to keep billions of fat cells clean and pristine.

Ignite Fat Burning Hormones

Short rest periods between sets of challenging exercises helps to increase fat burning hormone levels significantly. Alternating movements strategically such as a rear leg elevated lunge with a hamstring movement facilities shorter rest periods while keeping work quality very high. Rest periods of 30 to 60 seconds between sets may feel inadequate in many ways which is normal. The fatigue levels should not be so high that proper form cannot be used for any given exercise.

Feel the Burn

Short rest periods contribute to a higher level of density which releases lactic acid, which most people describe as a burning feeling in the muscles. Lactic acid is a natural pre-cursor to growth hormone which is very powerful for fat burning. In your case we want the sets to last 30 to 60 seconds in duration for what we call time under tension. The extended set length also helps to boost fat burning hormone levels and to increase strength.

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Email for your free copies of the Preventing Holiday Body Fat Special Report, The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan and the Day 22 Carb Load. We are entering the most dangerous time of year for body fat accumulation and sluggishness. You can enjoy your favorite holiday foods if you use the right strategies! Let’s discuss solutions to your problems 7 days per week.

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